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Folder: S1 - ​Application of optical and acoustical methods in zooplankton studies​
Folder: S2 - Response of zooplankton communities to changing ocean climate​
Folder: S3 - The diversity and role of macrozooplankton in marine ecosystems​
Folder: S4 - Zooplankton diversity in the oceans by integrative morphological and molecular techniques​
Folder: S5 - The role of microzooplankton in marine food webs​
Folder: S6 - Individual level responses of zooplankton to environmental variability and climate change​
Folder: S7 - Zooplankton in high-latitude ecosystems
Folder: S8 - New technologies and approaches in zooplankton trophic studies​
Folder: W1 - Use of zooplankton indicators to characterize state of pelagic ecosystems​
Folder: W2 - ICES-PICES cooperative research initiative - towards a global measurement of zooplankton production​
Folder: W3 - Zooplankton as a potential harvestable resource​
Folder: W4 - Effects of microplastics on zooplankton​
Folder: W5 - Zooplankton as the “to” in end-to-end models​
Folder: W6 - A hands-on introduction to time series analysis, visualization, and inter-comparison of plankton survey data​
Folder: W7 - Toward a taxonomically-comprehensive global reference database for DNA barcodes of marine zooplankton​​​​