How we work

Our strategy

We are committed to better understanding marine ecosystems and securing the benefits that people derive from them.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ICES Strategic Plan ​defines our direction and priorities relating to science, data, and advice, and to develop the capacity needed to fulfil this commitment.

To fulfil the plan, we will work collaboratively, using our broad international network to generate and share the data, knowledge, and advice needed to meet current and emerging conservation, management, and sustainability goals.

In support of the Strategic Plan, we have developed a Science Plan and an Advisory Plan.

Our science priorities

Our Science Plan highlights our s​​​even interrelated scientific priorities and how our network will address them.​

Ecosystem science
Advance and shape understanding of the structure, function, and dynamics of marine ecosystems — to develop and vitalize marine science and underpin its applications

Impacts of human activities
Measure and project the effects of human activities on ecosystems and ecosystem services — to elucidate present and future states 
of natural and social systems 

Observation and exploration
Monitor and explore the seas and oceans — to track changes in the environment and ecosystems and to identify resources for sustainable use and protection

Emerging techniques and technologies

Develop, evaluate, and harness new techniques and technologies — to advance knowledge of marine systems, inform management and increase the scope and efficiency of monitoring. 

​Seafood production

Generate evidence and advice for management of wildcapture fisheries and aquaculture — to help sustain safe and sufficient seafood supplies.

Conservation and management science

Develop tools, knowledge, and evidence for conservation and management — to provide more and better options to help managers set and meet objectives.

Sea and society

​​Evaluate contributions of the sea to livelihoods, cultural identities, and recreation — to inform ecosystem status assessments, policy development, and management.

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Our strategy

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