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Recipients of ICES Awards 1989–2023


Outstanding Achievement Award: Ellen Kenchington, Canada

Best presentations: 

Llucia Mascorda-Cabre, University of Plymouth, England
Ecological impacts of farming mussels offshore: The Lyme Bay case study. (ICES CM 2023/E:236)

Marie-Julie Roux, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Looking through different lenses: an eight minutes allegory on participatory science. (ICES CM 2023/M:436)

Best posters: 
Marina Parrondo, IIM CSIC, Spain
Characterization of VMEs with DNA: Mind the gap. (ICES CM 2023/F:445)

Karl-Michael Werner, Thünen Institute of Sea Fisheries, Germany The impact of turbine foundation type on catch rates of cod in the southern North Sea (ICES CM 2023/A:150)


Outstanding Achievement Award: Manuela Azevedo, Portugal

Best Overall presentation: Dannielle Eager, United Kingdom
Fine-scale oceanographic drivers of pelagic biomass around a tropical coral atoll within the Chagos Archipelago Marine Protected Area (ICES CM 2022/B:35) 

Best Early Career Scientist presentations: 
Amanda Schadeberg, Netherlands
The future of the mesopelagic zone is being written today – but by whom? (ICES CM 2022/F:489)

​Marina Sanz-Martin, Spain
Velocity of climate change drives unexpected and resilient responses in species of the western Mediterranean Sea (ICES CM 2022/C:392)

Best poster: Tora Olsen, Norway
Separating the roles of several ecosystem components on four major collapses of the Barents Sea Capelin stock (ICES CM 2022/E:241)


Outstanding Achievement Award: Dave Reid​, Ireland

Best Overall presentation: Tom Langbehn, Norway
The pelagic riskscape and consequences for zooplankton size along gradients of light and sea-ice in the Barents Sea
(ICES CM 2021/D:344) 

Best Early Career Scientist presentation: Sieme Bossier, Denmark
The effects of climate change & nutrient input on the Baltic Sea ecosystem. (ICES CM 2021/O:170)

Best Non-Early Career Scientist presentation: 
Morten Skogen, Norway 
Disclosing the truth: are models better than observations 
(ICES CM2021/O:360)

Best poster:  Serra Orey, Germany 
Patterns in vessel tracks: Understanding fishing behavior on seascapes (ICES CM 2021/L:589)

Best poster: Oriol Giralt Paradell, Spain 
Importance of small Pelagic fish, Bathydemersal fish and top predators in a coastal up welling ecosystem (ICES CM 2021/A:74)


Prix d'Excellence: Kenneth Franklin, Canada

Outstanding Achievement Award: Clara Ulrich​, France


Outstanding Achievement Award: Ann Bucklin​, USA

Best presentationAmanda Schadeberg, the Netherlands
What are the fishing styles in the Netherlands and how can they be used to design more effective and equitable management solutions?" (ICES CM 2019/I:378)

Best poster:  Pierre Petitgas, France
Use of satellite image products to understand variation in fish growth: sardine and anchovy in the Bay of Biscay 
(ICES CM 2019/R:485)

Early Career Scientist Awards

Best presentation: Halley E. Froehlich, USA
Marine aquaculture under climate change impacts 
(ICES CM 2019/B:68)

Best presentation: Leon Greenwere, Sweden
Understanding the risk of invasion through reproductive traits the of the introduced species – a case study of the round goby in the Baltic and North Sea ecosystems (ICES CM 2019/G:377)

Best poster: Pauliina A. Ahti, Finland
Is age just a number? The role of senescence in the eco-evolutionary dynamics of fish populations (ICES CM2019/L:76)

Out of the Box Award: Sigrid Lehuta, France
Avoiding unwanted catch: Maps and simulations to define areas to avoid and assess bio-economic consequences 
(ICES CM 2019/P:528)


Outstanding Achievement Award: Mike Armstrong, UK

Best presentation: Tom Langbehn, Norway
The deadly midnight sun: visual predators and northern range limits in mesopelagic fish​ (ICES CM 2018/A:338​)

Best poster:  Ellen Pecceu, Belgium 
Introducing a voluntary assessment scheme enabling transition towards a more sustainable fishery​ (ICES CM 20118/R:384)

Early Career Scientist Awards

Best presentationTom Langbehn, Norway
The deadly midnight sun: visual predators and northern range limits in mesopelagic fish​ (ICES CM 2018/A:338​)

Best presentation: Catarina Frazão Santos, Portugal
Impacts of global environmental change in ocean planning and the Blue Economy (ICES CM 2018/C:596 )

Best poster: Maarten Soetaert, Belgium
Beam me up Scotty! How electric pulse stimulation can scale down bycatch rates in shrimp trawl fisheries 
(ICES CM 2018/N:49)


Outstanding Achievement Award: Christian Möllmann, Germany

Prix d'Excellence: William W. L. Cheung, Canada

Best presentation: Hiroaki Sugino, Japan
Visualization of Citizens’ Vista, Future Vision and its Vector: a practical case study from the Tokyo Bay of Japan (ICES CM 2017/Q:600)

Best poster: Elizabeth North, US
OysterFutures: applying a spatially-explicit model and testing a collaborative process for developing oyster fishing regulations in Chesapeake Bay (ICES CM 2017/F:667)

Early Career Scientist Awards

Best presentation: Natalie Sawaya, US
Assessing diversity in the Florida Keys through environmental DNA metabarcoding (ICES CM 2017/C:449)

Best presentation: Alice Lapijover, France
Co-constructing a shared vision of marine territories using serious games’ (ICES CM 2017/M:210)

Best poster: Kiva Oken, US
Why were nearshore species assemblages so resilient to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill? (ICES CM 2017/O:651)


Outstanding Achievement Award: Peter H. Wiebe, US

Best presentation: Silva Uusi-Heikkilä, Finland
The molecular mechanisms of fisheries-induced evolution. (ICES CM 2016/C:60)

Best poster: Dorothy Dankel, Norway
Choice under risk, choice under uncertainty: Science advice meets behavioral science. (ICES CM 2016/B:357)

Early Career Scientist Awards

Best presentation: Malin Pinsky, US
Fishing, fast growth, and climate variability increase the risk of collapse (ICES CM 2016/C:566)

Best presentation: Noémie Friscourt, Canada
Structure and resilience of the benthic food web across the Canadian Arctic Ocean and the Chukchi sea (ICES CM 2016/P:520)

Best poster: Leonie Färber, Germany
Ticket to Spawn: using economic data to shed light on biological hypothesis. (ICES CM 2016/C:111)


Outstanding Achievement Award: Adriaan D. Rijnsdorp (the Netherlands) 

Best presentation: Georg H. Engelhard, UK
The large fish indicator is responsive to trawling pressure, and to reductions thereof. (ICES CM 2015/P:14)

Best poster: Maria Rita Rico and A. N. Lagos, Argentina
Abundance index estimation from survey data as a reliable alternative in a mixed and multi-fleet fishery: Application to Percophis brasiliensis off Southwest Atlantic Ocean (34°S–39°S) (ICES CM 2015/A:39) 

Early Career Scientist Awards

Best presentation:  Jennifer Wong-Ala, USA
The influence of life history variability on population connectivity: Development and application of a trait-based biophysical model of individuals (ICES CM 2015/E:11)

Best presentation: Klas Ove Möller, Germany
Small-scale distribution of plankton and marine snow in the North Atlantic (ICES CM 2015/S:16)

Best poster:  Julia Hoffmann, Germany
Political Overfishing – Socio-economic drivers in TAC setting decisions (ICES CM 2015/ B:25)


Prix d'Excellence Award: Carl Walters, Canada

Outstanding Achievement Award: Bill Karp, USA

Best presentation: Paris Vasilakopoulos, Greece
Quantifying resilience in shifting complex systems: the case of the Barents Sea (ICES CM 2014/N:16) 

Best poster: Rudi Voss, Germany
Four fish in 2048 - What will be the status of the wild ones? (ICES CM 2014/C:20)

Early Career Scientist Awards

Best presentation: Jessica Luo, USA
Environmental drivers of the fine-scale distribution of gelatinous zooplankton across a meso-scale front (ICES CM 2014/A:09)

Best presentation: Raquel Marques, Portugal
Dynamics of production and mortality of Aurelia aurita's ephyrae in Thau Lagoon, Northwestern Mediterranean (ICES CM 2014/A:23)

Best poster: Orian Tzadik, USA
A non-lethal approach identifies ontogenetic shifts in d15N signatures in fin rays of Goliath Grouper, Epinephelus itajara (ICES CM 2014/E:12)


Outstanding Achievement Award: Odd Magnar Nakken, Norway

Best Presentation: Arni Magnusson, Iceland
Uncertainty in age‐structured stock assessment of Icelandic saithe: Effect of different assumptions, methods, and excluding data components  (ICES CM 2013/Q:20)

Best Poster: Rudi Voss, Germany
Towards ecological and economical realism – modelling trade‐offs in multispecies fisheries (ICES CM 2013/H:45)

Early Career Scientist Awards

Best presentation: Tim Emery, Australia
Fishing for revenue: how leasing quota can be hazardous to your health (ICES CM 2013/C:01)

Best presentation: Margarita Machairopoulou, UK
Acoustic detection of zooplankton during fishery surveys and sensitivity of acoustic backscatter prediction models to parameters estimates (ICES CM 2013/P:07)

Best poster: Hlynur Bárðarson, Iceland
Gluing broken otoliths and its effect on morphology analysis (ICES CM 2013/O:21)


Outstanding Achievement Award​: ​John Pope, UK

Best Presentation: Iratxe Zarraonaindi, Spain
Population genetic structure and traceability of the European anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus) using SNP-type markers (ICES CM 2012/H:02) 

Best Poster:
Benjamin Planque, France
A dynamic stochastic foodweb model for the Barent Sea ecosystem (ICES CM 2012/A:19)

Early Career Scientist Awards

Best Presentation​: Marie-Fany Recault, UK ​
Challenges in the integration of ecological indicators within a network of Atlantic Ocean observations (ICES CM 2012/R:06)

Best Presentation​: Thomas Maes, UK​
Fisheries cruises for marine litter monitoring (ICES CM 2012/G:09)

Best Poster​: Marieke Desender, Belgium
Evaluation of the impact of pulse fishery on a selection of North Sea fish and invertebrates (ICES CM 2012/C:24)


Prix d’Excellence Award: Carlos M. Duarte, Spain

Outstanding Achievement Award: Michael P. Sissenwine, USA

Best Poster: Tina K. Kerby, UK
Great Britain’s role in North Sea demersal fisheries. A long-term perspective over the past century (ICES CM 2011/ D:16)

Best Presentation: Bryan A. Black, USA
Multidecadal growth-increment chronologies for North Pacific and North Atlantic rockfish species (ICES CM 2011/A:14)

Early Career Scientist Awards

Best Presentation: Holly J. Rolls, USA
Resolving the relative importance of fish nursery habitats using otolith elemental fingerprints (ICES CM 2011/H:17)

Best Presentation: Núria Calduch-Verdiell, Germany
Scenarios of ecological and economic consequences of rebuilding paths of depleted populations (ICES CM 2011/N:03)

Best Poster: Antje Gimpel, Germany
Spatial explicit tools to support an ecosystem-based management: Modelling of nursery grounds in the German EEZ (ICES CM 2011/G:21)  


Outstanding Achievement Award: Harald Loeng, Norway

Best Poster: Vera Korff, Germany
From seals to cells: Protein biomarkers to reveal effects of persistent pollutants on primary hepatocytes of Phoca vitulina(ICES CM 2010/F:43)

Best Newcomer: Maiju Lehtiniemi, Finland
Spreading and reproduction limitations of the American comb jelly Mnemiopsis leidyi in the Baltic Sea (ICES CM 2010/K:07)

Best Presentation: Patrick Lehodey, France
Towards operational management of pelagic ecosystems (ICES CM/2010/A:04)


Outstanding Achievement Award: Jake Rice, Canada

Best Poster: Flemming Dahlke, Sebastian Politis, Myron A. Peck and Edward Trippel
Mortality and development during early life phases of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) in relation to paternity and water temperature (ICES CM 2009/ T:20)

Best Newcomer: Ángela M. Caballero-Alfonso 
Do climate patterns explain by themselves the oscillations observed in the Bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) at the Western Mediterranean "almadrabas" traps catches since 1500s to 1960s? (ICES CM 2009/ E:10)

Best Presentation: Catherine E. O'Keefe 
From Bust to Boom: The success of industry collaboration in U.S. sea scallop research (ICES CM 2009/ L:05)


Prix d’Excellence Award: D. Vance Holliday, USA

Outstanding Achievement Award:  Niels Daan, the Netherlands

Best Poster: Stefan Neuenfeldt, Ken Haste Andersen and Hans Harald Hinrichsen, Denmark
Atlantic Cod (Gadus Morhua) in the Baltic Sea Visit Hypoxic Water Briefly But Often (ICES CM 2008/ P:23)

Best New Scientist: Kristina Lehnert, Germany 
Lungworm transmission in porpoises and seals: molecular tools determine vertebrate intermediate hosts (ICES CM 2008/ D:06)

Best paper: Duncan J. Colquhoun, Norway 
Francisella infections in farmed and wild fish (ICES CM 2008/ D:07)


Best Poster: Veronika Hellwig, Antonia Wargel, Annika Behr, and Ursula Siebert, Germany
Isolation of primary liver cell cultures of harbour seals (Phoca vitulina) for identification of novel biomarkers of pollutant influence (ICES CM 2007/ I:28)

Best New Scientist: Meri Härmä,, Finland 
Mapping fish reproduction areas along environmental gradients on the SW coast of Finland (ICES CM 2007/ G:11)

Best paper: Sascha M. M. Fässler, UK, Natalia Gorska, Poland and Egil Ona, Norway
Comparison of the swimbladder between Baltic and Norwegian fjord herring: possible consequences for mean target strength (ICES CM 2007/ H:03)  


Best Poster: Sarah L. Hughes, Penny Holliday and Sheldon Bacon, UK
Recent warming and salinification of the North Atlantic Ocean as observed by standard sections or What is the IROC 2005? (ICES CM 2006/C:38)

Best New Scientist: Marcos Llope, Spain
Linear and non-linear trends driving the hydrography of the southern Bay of Biscay and its effects on phytoplankton  (ICES CM 2006/C:08)

Best paper:  Henrik Dörner, JRC, Italy 
Evaluation of Vessel Detection System Use for Monitoring of Fisheries Activities (ICES CM2006/N:02)


Lifetime Achievement Award: David de G. Griffith

Best Poster: Jorge Goncalves, Universidade do Algarve, Faro, Portugal
Evaluation of survivorship of fish that have escaped through a demersal purse seine (ICES CM 2005/X:18)

Best Poster: Martha O’Sullivan, FRS Marine Laboratory, Aberdeen, Scotland
Absence of spatial and temporal genetic differentiation at the microsatellite loci in the northeast Atlantic Monkfish Lophius piscatorius (ICES CM 2005/T:18)

Best New Scientist: Ute Hochbaum
Simulating the influence of climate variability on larval fish survival: an example using sprat (Sprattus sprattus) (ICES CM 2005/O:18) 

Best paper: Beth E. Scott 
Hotspots: Marine top predator foraging habitat predicted from a detailed understanding of temporal and spatial oceanographic processes (ICES CM 2005/O:39)

Honourable mention:  Clare Embling, University of St. Andrews , Scotland
Investigations into the relationship between pelagic fish and dolphin distributions off the west coast of Scotland (ICES CM 2005/R:08)


Best Poster: Azure Westwood and Steve Cadrin – Northeast Fisheries Center, Massachusetts, USA
The use of electronic tags to study fish movement: a case study with yellowtail flounder of New England (CM 2004/K:81)

Best New Scientist: Christian Jørgensen, University of Bergen, Norway
Skipped spawning is common for the Northeast Arctic cod in a life-history energy allocation model (CM 2004/K:28)

Best paper:  Nils Olav Handegaard and Dag Tjøstheim – Institute of Marine Research, Bergen, Norway
The effective swept volume of a bottom trawl (CM 2004/R:07)


Best paper: Eric Benoît and Marie-Joëlle Rochet
The Meaning of Fish-size Spectra, the Effects of Fishing on them a nd the Usefulness of their Slope as Indicator of Fishing Impacts (CM 2003/N:05)

Best newcomer: Christine Hanson University of Western Australia
The uniqe Continental Shelf Dynamics off Western Australia: Physical Controls on Phytoplankton Productivity (CM 2003/P:16)

Best poster: Sanna Suikkanen, Giovanna O. Fistarol, and Edna Granéli
Allelopathic effects of Baltic cyanobacteria (CM 2003/S:03)


Best paper: Trevor Platt, César Fuentes-Yaco (presenter), and Kenneth T. Frank
Ecosystem variation and fisheries: Operational test of the match-mismatch hypothesis (CM 2002/W:12) 

Best newcomer: Sandrine Vaz, IFREMER, Nantes, France.
Study of the Bay of Biscay anchovy population dynamics using spatialised age-specific matrix models (CM 2002/O:07). Co-authored by P. Petitgas

Best poster: M.E. Cagigas, G. Blanco, E. Vazquez, and J.A. Sanchez
The population structure of two species of anglerfish (CM 2002/U:04) 


Best paper: A. Rijnsdorp, G.J. Piet and J.J. Poos
Effort allocation of the Dutch beam trawl fleet in response to a temporarily closed area (CM 2001/N:01) 

Best newcomer: Deidre Brophy from University College, Dublin, Ireland
An investigation of population movements in Atlantic herring using La-IPS MS analysis of larval and juvenile otoliths (CM 2001/J:04) 

Best poster: Inaki Quincoces, Marina Santurtun and Paulino Lucio
A new method for Lophius spp. Gonad oocytes isolation for fecundity studies (CM 2001/J:55) 


Best paper: A. Bucklin O.S. Atthorsson, A. Gislason, and P. Wiebe
Calanus finmarchicus in Icelandic water: Population genetics and ecology at the Norwegian Sea/North Atlantic ocean boundary (CM 2000/M:04) 

Best newcomer: D. J. Beare and D.G. Reid
Investigating the complexity o fspatio-temporal patterns evidenced in the triennial macherel and horse-mackerel egg survey data (CM 2000/K:04) 

Best posters: 
Yves Samyn and Edward Vanden Berghe
Faunistics as the impetus for conservation of sea cucumbers (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea) in the littoral waters of Kenya. (CM 2000/Mini: 14 Poster) 

Paulino Lucio, M. Santurtun, I Quincoces
Tagging experiments on hake, anglerfish and other species in the Bay of Biscay (CM 2000/Z:09) 


Best paper: I. McQuinn, Y. Simard, J.-L. Beaulieu, J. Landry, D. Lavoie, and S. Walsh
An adaptive integrated acoustic trawl survey on Atlantic cod (CM 1999/J:11)

Best newcomer: C. Ulrich, B. Le Gallic
Bioeconomic modelling of English Channel fisheries and their technical interactions: presentation of the simulation model BECHAMEL (BioEconomic Channel ModEL) (CM 1999/S:04)

Best posters: G. Eidung, L. Byren, R. Elmgren, H. Cederwall 
Large and small scale studies of oxygen deficiency on Baltic benthos (CM 1999/Post:03)


Best paper: K. Lee, K.-L. Tay, C. Belanger
Development of a microscale biotest based on microbial exoenzyme activity in sediments (CM 1998/P:3)

Best newcomer: J. Dalsgaard, A. Jarre-Teichmann, C. Walters, D. Pauly
An approach to the modelling of persistent pollutants in marine ecosystems (CM 1998/V:10)

Best posters: R. P. Sánchez, D. R. Brown
Larval and early juvenile growth of two Pategonian clupeoids: Engraulis anchoita and Sprattus fuegensis (CM 1998/R:28)



Best paper: M. J.  Jakobsen and Ole Østved
A preliminary review of the joint investigations on the distribution of herring in the Norwegian and Icelandic Seas 1950- 1970 (CM 1996/H:14)

Best poster:  J.E. Bruun and H. Kankaanpaa (Finland) A method for visualization of the seafloor topography to achieve higher recision in locating sampling sites (CM 1996/R:10)

Best newcomer: M. J. Rochet (France) The effects of fishing on demographic traits of fishes (CM 1996/Mini:1)



Best Paper:
O. R. Gode, I. Huse, and K. Michalsen (Norway)
Catfish - King of the Sea (CM 1995/B:16)

Best Poster: J. M. Gonfalves, M. R. Pinho,  and H. R. Martins (Portugal) The deep water crab Chaceon afinis, a new fisheries resource in the Azores? (CM 1995/K:43)

Best Newcomer: G. Marteinsdbttir and G. Petursdottir (Iceland)
Spatial and temporal variation in reproduction of Icelandic cod at Selvogsbanki and nearby coastal areas (CM 1995/G:15)



Best Papers: 
B. Hansen, H. P. Joensen and V. E. Michelsen (Faroe Islands)
Bottom temperature between Iceland and Shetland 1906-1962 measured in telegraph cables (CM1994/S:5)

K. Friedland and R. Haas (USA)
Patterns of post-smolt growth and early maturation of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) (CM 1994/M:7)

Best Poster: P. Roose, K. Cooreman, H. Hillewart and W. Vyncke (Belgium) 
PCB's in cod, flounder and mussel from the Belgian continental shelf in the period 1983-1992: trend analysis and tissue distribution (CM 1994 E:22)

Young Scientist Award: O. Espeland (coauthored by L. Kleivane, K. L. Ugland and J. Utne Skare) (Norway)
Seasonal variation in organoclorine concentrations in harp seal (Phoca groenlandica) from the Barents Sea region (CM 1994/(E+N):3)



Best Paper: Patrick Gentien (France) 
New perspectives in coastal marine environment management due to new development in instrumentation (CM 1993/E:20)

Best Poster: Marco van der Land and Henny Welleman (Netherlands)
Bessy Turf - a Mackintosh application for on-board registration of survey catches (CM 1993/G: 16)

Best Young Scientist: Marianne Giaever (Norway)



Best Paper: Peter J.H. Reijnders (Netherlands)
Recolonization of the Dutch Wadden Sea by the grey seal, Halichoerus grypus (CM1992/N:7)

Best Poster: Lorenzo Motos (Spain) and Andrés Uriarte (Spain) 
Biomass assessment of the Bay of Biscay anchovy, Engraulis encrasicholus L., using the DEPM in 1991 (CM 1992/H:23)

Best Young Scientist: Axel Temming (Germany)



Best paper: Paul Rago (USA)
Report of the Study Group on the North American Salmon Fisheries (CM 1991/M:6)

Best poster: Pilar Pereda and Ms Begofia Villamor (Spain) Artisanal fisheries in the Cantabrian Sea (CM 1991/G:30)



Best paper:  I.S. Wehrtmann (Germany) and C. Stagg (USA)Distribution of Cranqon septemspinosa larvae off Chesapeake Bay, USA: a comparison of field data and the results of a larval transport model (CM 1990/K:7)

Best poster:  A. Jarre (ICLARM Germany) and D. Pauly (ICLARM Germany)
Seasonal changes in the Peruvian upwelling ecosystem (CM 1990/L:50)

Special award for the best presentation of someone else's paper at short notice: R.C.A. Bannister (UK)
International database of the results of gastric evacuation (CM 1990/G:36) authored by P. J. Bromley.



Best Paper: Henrik Gislason (Denmark)

Best Poster: M. Tasker. R. Furness. M. Harris, and R.S. Bailey













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Recent Outstanding Achievement Award winners (from the left):  Manuela Azevedo (2022)​, Dave Reid (2021), and Clara Ulrich (2020).​

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