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ACOMAdvisory CommitteeACOM webpage
ADGANWArctic/North-western Advice Drafting Group
ADGBBIBay of Biscay Advice Drafting Group
ADGBSBaltic Sea Advice Drafting Group
ADGCSCeltic Advice Drafting Group
ADGNSNorth Sea Advice Drafting Group
ADGWIDEAdvice Drafting Group for Widely Distributed Stocks
ADHOCAd Hoc groups under ACOMADHOC webpage
AFWGArctic Fisheries Working GroupAFWG webpage
AGDMMAd Hoc Group on the Distribution and Migration of Northeast Atlantic Mackerel AGDMM webpage
ALKAge Length Key
ALT-IBTSAtlantic International Bottom Trawl Survey
AMAPArctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme
AMAP SymposiumA conference on "Acidification of the Arctic Ocean and Northern Seas: Trends and Consequences"
ANACATAnadromous and catadromous fish
ASCAnnual Science Conference
ASCOBANSAgreement on the Conservation of Small Cetaceans in the Baltic, North East Atlantic, Irish and North Seas
ASFAAquatic Sciences and Fisheries AbstractsInternational co-operative information system for the collection and dissemination of information covering the science, technology and management of marine, brackishwater, and freshwater environments
AWARDSAwards CommitteeAWARDS webpage
BAPBiodiversity Action Plan
Bayesian methodAssessment method that quantifies uncertainties and formulates advice on the basis of probabilities of reaching a limit or target point
BEQUALMBiological Effects Quality Assurance in Monitoring Programmes
BEWGBenthos Ecology Working GroupBEWG webpage
Birds DirectiveEuropean Directive on the conservation of wild birds
BITSBaltic International Trawl Survey
BlimLimit reference point for spawning stock biomass (SSB)
BMSYSSB that is associated with Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY)
Bonn ConventionConvention on the conservation of migratory species of wild animals
BONUSScience for a better future of the Baltic Sea region Cooperation agreements webpage
BootstrappingIn statistics bootstrapping is a method for estimating the sampling distribution of an estimator by resampling with replacement from the original sample.
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