ICES Annual Science Conference 2019

Theme sessions

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Theme session A​ 

Advances in habitat models to inform ecosystem-based management: From theory to practice

Kevin Friedland (USA)
Szymon Smoliński (Poland)
Romain Frelat (Germany)

​Theme session B

Marine aquaculture in a changing ocean

Ben Halpern (USA)
Halley Froehlich (USA)
Gesche Krause (Germany)​

Theme session C​​

Machine learning in marine science

Ketil Malde (Norway)
Nils Olav Handegard (Norway)
Laura Uusitalo  (Finland)

Theme session D

​Assessing ecosystem vulnerability to multiple drivers and pressures​
Co-sponsored by PICES

Kirstin Holsman (USA)
David Reid  (Ireland)
Mette Mauritzen (Norway)

Theme session E

Integrating information on population structure and migration into fisheries stock assessment and management

Michael Frisk (USA)
Lisa Kerr (USA)
Matthew Siskey ​(USA)
Daniel Duplisea (Canada)​

Theme session F

Management objectives, trade-offs and strategies in a changing ocean 

Jamie Tam ​(Canada)
Lisa Kerr (USA)
Robert Thorpe (UK)

Theme session G

Understanding ecosystem structure and functioning through the use of traits 

Saskia Otto (Germany)
Jasmin Renz  ​(Germany)
Martin Lindegren ​(Denmark)​

Theme session H

Drivers of sustainability in fisheries for non-quota and data-poor species

Graham Pierce  (Spain)
Anne-Marie Power ​(Ireland)
Jean-Paul Robin (France)

Theme session I

Understanding humans within ecosystems: Innovative tools, strategies, and research​
Co-sponsored by PICES


Alan C. Haynie (USA)
Patricia M. Clay (USA)
Olivier Thébaud (France)​ 

Theme session J

Harmful algal blooms and jellyfish: Impacts on ecosystems and ecosystem services​

Eileen Bresnan ​(UK)
Sophie Pitois (UK)
Mike Rust (USA)​

Theme session K

New approaches to the understanding of energy transfer through the foodwebs

Hildur Pétursdóttir (Iceland)
Janna Peters (Germany)
Marie Johansen (Sweden)

Theme session​ L

​Fish adaptive strategies to changes in environment and fishing pressures

Fran Saborido-Rey (Spain)
Olav S. Kjesbu  ​(Norway)
Bruno Ernande (France)​​

Theme session M

Quantifying human footprints, indicators and reference points for seabed impacts

Jan Geert Hiddink  (UK)
Gert Van Hoey  (Belgium)
Roland Pitcher (Australia)

Theme session N

Advances in data-limited assessment methodologies for marine and diadromous stocks

Kristen Omori (USA)
Liese Carleton ​(USA)
Alan Walker (UK)

Theme session O

Vulnerable marine ecosystems (VMEs): key structural and functional elements in the deep-sea

Covadonga Orejas (Spain)
Laura Robson (UK)
Patricia Puerta (Spain)

Theme session P

​​Desirable and undesirable consequences of mixed fishery management. Effective strategies for reducing discards and choke effects while increasing overall quota utilisation

Bill Karp (USA)
Clara Ulrich (Denmark)
Sebastian Uhlmann ​(Belgium)

​Theme session​ Q

Balancing the social, economic, and ecological impacts of small-scale and recreational fisheries​

Kieran Hyder (UK)
Harry V. Strehlow (Germany)
Cristina Pita (Portugal)
Johanna Ferretti (Germany)​​

Theme session R
Oceanography and ecosystems ​in the North Atlantic: science and operational services


​Cesar González-Pola (Spain)
Francisco J. Campuzano (Portugal)

Tomasz Dabrowski​ (Ireland)


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Theme sessions

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