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ACOMACOMTrueColm LordanCommitteelordan@ices.dkAdvisory Committee
AFWGAFWGTrueDaniel HowellFRSGdaniel.howell@hi.no28Arctic Fisheries Working Group
ASGASGTrueAnn-Lisbeth AgnaltSCICOM-ACOMann-lisbeth.agnalt@hi.noAquaculture Steering Group
AwardsAwardsTrueCarl O'BrienSCICOM Operational groups8/24/2009 12:59:00 Committee
BEWGBEWGTrueJohan Craeymeersch, Paolo, paolo.magni@cnr.it53Benthos Ecology Working Group
BICEpSBICEpSTrueSteven Degraer, Hans Polet, Serge Scory, Els,,, community
BWKSEALS 2023BWKSEALS 2023TrueDaniel Howell, Alejandro, Workshop for Harp and Hooded S​eal
DIGDIGTrueSjur Ringheim LidSCICOM Operational groupssjur.ringheim.lid@hi.no217Data and Information Group

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Expert Groups

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