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Theme sessions

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Theme session A

From Echoes to Ecology – The application of active acoustics beyond biomass estimates 

Tracey Dornan (UK)
Abigail Smith (Australia)​
Theme session B

Towards integrated operational marine science and advice

Tom Catchpole (UK)
Dominic Rihan (Ireland)​

Theme session C​ 

How do we adapt our approach to deal with novel contaminants in the marine environment

Victor Leon (Spain)
Catherine Munschy (France)
Mario Mil-Homens ​(Portugal)

Theme session D

Marine food webs and Ecosystem-based Management ​

Jacob Bentley (UK)
Eider Andonegi (Spain)
Maciej Tomczak ​(Sweden)

Theme session E

Developing applied evidence for biodiversity conservation and management 

Paul Whomersley (UK)
Andrea Belgrano (Sweden)
Will Le Quesne (UK)
Theme session F

New avenues for incorporating ecosystem processes in models used for fisheries management

Margaret Siple (US)
Nis Sand Jacobsen (Denmark) 
Tobias Mildenberger (Denmark)​​
Theme session G

Ecosystem outcomes of co-existence with offshore renewable energy  

Andrew Gill (UK)
Ninon Mavraki (Netherlands)
Daniel Wood (UK)
Theme session H

How can camera-based electronic monitoring improve bycatch management? 

Brett Alger (US)
Lauren Clayton (UK) 
Rebecca Skirrow (UK)​
Theme session I

Accounting for climate change in Marine Spatial Planning: Experiences and lessons learnt

Kira Gee (Germany)
Talya ten Brinck (US)​
Michele Quesada da Silva 
Theme session J

Moving the latest developments from machine learning and AI closer to exploiting mountains and lakes of data 

Neil Holdsworth (ICES Secretariat)
Laura Uusitalo (Finland)
Kate Larkin​ (Belgium)
Theme session K

Incorporating human dimensions to improve fishing opportunities advice​

​Andrea Chan (US)
Olivier Thébaud (France)
Nathalie Steins (Netherlands)​
Theme session​ L

Evaluating ecosystem-based management performance: examples of success
(co-sponsored by PICES)

Alida Bundy (Canada)
Janne Haugen (US)
Mark Dickey-Collas (UK/NL)​
Xuelei Zhang (China)
Theme session M

Welfare conscious and sustainable fishing in the 21st century

Mike Breen (Norway)
Sven Sebastian Uhlmann (Belgium)
Hans van de Vis​ ​(Netherlands)
Theme session N

The importance of operational oceanography in researching changing ocean 

Tomasz Dabrowski (Ireland)
Francisco Campuzano (Portugal)
Tycjan Wodzinowski (Poland)
Theme session O

From microbes to zooplankton: Forecasting ecosystem dynamics in a changing ocean 

Emily Chen (Poland)
Lik Theng Ho (Norway)​
Mercedes Chumbley (Germany)

Theme session P
Climate impacts and adaptation responses in marine fishery systems
(co-sponsored by PICES)

Kathy Mills (US)
Alan Baudron (UK)
Kirstin Holsman (US)​

Theme s​es​sion Q​

​Small Scale Fisheries, where are you?​​

​​​Jose Rodríguez-Gutiérrez (Spain)
Nuno Sales Henriques (Portugal)
Anna Mujal-Colilles  (Spain)​

​Theme s​es​sion R​

Scientific ad​​vances under ICES Science Plan

Jos Schilder (Netherlands)
Artūras Razinkovas-Baziukas (Lithuania)​

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Theme sessions

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