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DevelopmentData UPLOAD confirmation03/01/2018

​Some of our submitters are currently experiencing the 'red' messages when uploading data to DATRAS. This is caused by a database that registers data submissions, and it does not affect the uploading process. To make sure the data are in the database, please check the DATRAS Submission status or contact

QualityNS-IBTS CPUE per length problems for herring and norway pout10/10/2016

​There was found a problem in DATRAS length-based CPUE data products for NS-IBTS.

Data records for herring and norway pout in some years were not correct. The problem is fixed at the beginning of 2017. For more information, please contact

QualityField name changes in data products20/06/2016

Aiming standardization of field names across surveys and data products, we have changed some field names in DATRAS data products.

Edited fields are:

Exchange data / Webservices: HH.Month, HL/CA.ValidAphiaID, CA.LngtClass, CA.AgeRings, CA.NoAtLngt

CPUE per length per haul: HaulDur, ShootLong, LngtClass, SubArea

CPUE per length per subarea: LngtClass, SubArea

CPUE per length per area: Survey, Year, Quarter, Area, LngtClass, CPUE_number_per_hour

CPUE per age per haul: ShootLong, SubArea

CPUE per age per subarea: SubArea

SMALK: LngtClass, IndWgt, CANoAtLngt

ALK: LngtClass

For more information please contact DATRAS administration.

QualityProblem in Exchange data for some missing CA records is fixed07/06/2016

From the end of January, some countries experienced some historical area-based CA records (prior to 2012) missing from the downloaded exchange data. The problem is traced and fixed. It is advised that the Exchange data from NS-IBTS and SWC-IBTS downloaded from DATRAS in January-May 2016 should be revised. Other data products were not affected. For more information, please contact

QualityQuality issue for data type in CPUE per length is fixed27/04/2016

​CPUE per length data products had data type 'int' in the values fields, which is now corrected to 'decimal' to better facilitate the values based on the Trawl Data Type C. All length-based data are updated accordingly.

RequestFirst upload of the Belgian BTS25/04/2016

​The first submission of the Belgian BTS data is now in DATRAS. We hope to get the rest of the submissions soon.

DevelopmentNew BTS data product is ready for use15/04/2016

​DATRAS new data product 'CPUE per length per hour and swept area' for BTS data was reviewed in WGBEAM meeting 2016, and approved for use. The product is available from DATRAS Data Download section.

QualityCatCatchWeight problems in historical BITS and NS-IBTS15/02/2016

​There were found problems with some historical CatCatchWeight data that were reported not in grams, but in 100g or kg units. DATRAS team is collecting more detailed data to correct the erroneous entries.

DevelopmentTraining course01/02/2016

Training course in the R environment is going to run in ICES in week 9. Join this or many other courses from

RequestBTS new product for download14/01/2016

New data product requested by WGBEAM for BTS data is now available for download. The product is 'CPUE per length per Hour and Swept Area' and can be accessed via the DATRAS download page -

DevelopmentDeadlines 2016 are online11/01/2016

Table with DATRAS data submission deadlines for 2016 is now online.

DevelopmentR codes for DATRAS30/06/2015

New DATRAS document for easy access to DATRAS exchange format data with R through DATRAS webservices is now published in DATRAS Documents.

DevelopmentNew IBTS Manual10/06/2015

SISP 10-IBTS IX -  Manual for the International Bottom Trawl Surveys, Revision IX -  is now available on the ICES Website at: SISP 10 –IBTS IX

DevelopmentWKIDP 201417/11/2014

The Workshop on Integrated DATRAS Products (WKIDP) met at ICES Headquarters, Copenhagen, Denmark, 7–10 October 2014. Workshop report is now available from here.

DevelopmentWKMSGAD report02/10/2014

The final report of the Workshop on sexual maturity staging of cod, whiting, haddock, saithe and hake (WKMSGAD) is now available on the ICES website at: WKMSGAD2013

DevelopmentNew version of FAQs 16/09/2014

​We have published a new version of DATRAS FAQs in our documents section. The new document combines information for both data users and data submitters. If you have any commens or ideas, write to us.

DevelopmentOnly valid species codes in the download15/09/2014

​DATRAS data products used to refer to the species codes as provided by the data submitters. In the light of changed reference system (ITIS TSN to WoRMS AphiaIDs), and constantly changing valid species names, DATRAS has now an extra column Valid_Aphia in the exchange data, mapping the submitted code to the presently valid code in WoRMS. Similarly, the species codes in other DATRAS data products refer to the valid species codes instead of the reported ones.

QualityAmendments in ship codes07/08/2014

​In order to align with SeaDataNet vessel vocabulary, DATRAS ship codes are being mapped to the SeaDataNet ship codes. As a part of ship reference task, DATRAS BITS data starting from 2004 changed ship reference code from SOL to SOL2.

DevelopmentJoin the Workshop on Integrated DATRAS Products (WKIDP) now!19/06/2014

The workshop targeting DATRAS data products and their improvement is planned to be held in Copenhagen at 7–10 October 2014. Find more information here, and contact the group chair to get involved.

DevelopmentWebServices launched28/05/2014

DATRAS has launched web services provided by web API. Exchange data-based records (HH, HL, or CA) can be retireved by survey acronym, year, and quarter. Please let us know whether the new service meets your expectations, and if you have any further suggestions. Your feedback is very valuable to us.

DevelopmentNew DATRAS look28/05/2014

​DATRAS portal has got a new look. We've got rid of the old horizontal menu, and replaced it with some buttons and links on the right-hand side. Tell us your opinion whether it is hot or not.

QualitySubmitters are adviced commas11/02/2014

At present DATRAS outliers procedure is not capable of handling submissions with semicolon as a field-separator. The procedure will eventually get improved, but for now all DASTRAS submitters are strongly adviced to use commas in their submissions.

QualityNS-IBTS 2013 q3 warning!05/02/2014

​Duplicates are discovered in DATRAS length-based data products for NS-IBTS 2013 q3. The duplicate information was available for download from DATRAS page from 17/01/2014 to 05/02/2014 and is now corrected.

DevelopmentNew home page02/09/2013

​​DATRAS new home page is now live

QualitySystem problem with uploading decimals is fixed16/08/2013

Previously, DATRAS users faced problems with uploading decimals for fields TotalNo, SubFactor and HLNoatLngt to DATRAS. Even though it was allowed by format to upload 2 decimals for TotalNo, 4 decimals for SubFactor, and 1 decimal for HLNoatLngt, data in DATRAS were rounded or [cut off] to 0, 2, and 0 decimals correspondingly.

The problem is now fixed, and data can be submitted with up to 2 decimals for TotalNo, 4 decimals - SubFactor, and format was changed to 2 decimals for HLNoatLngt.

QualityNew check for date within quarter23/04/2013

It is now possible to upload files with date out of quarter. Instead of critical error, the screening utility will display warning that can be accepted before upload.

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DATRAS News and updates

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