ICES Annual Science Conference 2024

AI thinking session

Join us in this session dedicated to AI in fisheries science. We cover a wide spectrum of subjects, from image classification and digital aging of otoliths to its potential in predicting animal behaviour or innovating fishing gear.

​​​​​​​​​​​​This session focuses on the use of AI in fisheries science. We will ​discuss the potential of AI developments for the future of fisheries science. 

We ponder such questions as:

  • Can AI play a role in estimating the age of fish through analyses of otolith images?
  • Is it feasible to generate habitat suitability models using AI?
  • Can AI be used for predictions, such as changes in animal behaviour in response to disturbances or environmental change? 
  • Can we use AI to improve stock assessments or to help with fishing gear innovation? 

Furthermore, as AI becomes more integrated in science, explainabi​lity of AI becomes more important. When do we need to understand the inner workings of AI and to what level? How do we ensure that AI-generated insights are interpretable and transparent? 

We invite all researchers that have started to explore the potential of AI in fisheries science to contribute!​

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Daniel Benden (Netherlands​​)
Lukas Snoeck (Belgium)
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AI thinking session

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