ICES Annual Science Conference 2018

Theme sessions

This year the ASC offers 18 different theme sessions
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Theme session A​
Mesopelagic ecosystems: fish and invertebrate population biomass, biodiversity, and role in carbon flux

Webjø​rn Melle (Norway)​
Antonina dos Santos (Portugal)
Peter Wiebe (USA)

​Theme session B

Modernizing fisheries stock assessment and monitoring with genetic methods ​

Conveners: ​
Rich Hillary (Australia)
Pascal Lorance ​(France)
Jan Jaap Poos (The Netherlands)​

Theme session C​​
Assessing and analysing marine spatial planning - knowledge - indicators - visions​

Andrea Morf (Sweden)
Kira Gee (Germany)
Riku Varjopuro (Finland)

Theme session D

The Nordic seas and the Arctic; climatic variability and its impact on marine ecosystems, fisheries, and policymaking
Harald Gjøsæter (Norway)
Agnes Gundersen (Norway)
Heino Fock (Germany)​​

Theme session E

Cumulative effects assessment in the marine realm: approaches, examples, and future needs

Vanessa Stelzenmüller (Germany)
Marta Coll (Spain)
Joachim Claudet (France)

Theme session F

Bottom-​up approaches: the contribution of marine benthos to management, conservation and monitoring; taking stock, and setting research direction

Silvana Birchenough (United Kingdom)
Ingrid Kröncke (Germany)
Steven Degraer (Belgium)​​

Theme session G

Ocean basin-scale research and management: challenges and opportunities

J. Murray Roberts (United Kingdom)
Ellen Kenchington (Canada)


Theme session H

Preparing for change; challenges for fisheries governance

Alida Bundy (Canada)
Marion Glaser​ (Germany)
Annette Breckwoldt (Germany)​
In​grid Van Putten (Australia​​)
Theme session I
(co-sponsored by PICES)
Tipping points, complex nature, and implications for marine socio-ecological systems management ​

Xochitl Cormon (Germany)
Camilla Sguotti (Germany)
Christian M​öllmann (Germany​)​
Mary Hunsicker​ (USA)

Theme session J

Survey data products for stock and ecosystem assessments; challenges and future directions

Verena Trenkel (France)
Sven Kupschus (United Kingdom)​
​Stan Kotwicki (USA)


Theme session K

How are we managing? Developing new management tools for commercially exploited sharks and rays

Paddy Walker (The Netherlands)
Ivone Figueiredo​ (Portugal)
Jim Ellis (United Kingdom)

Theme session​ L

Future-oriented seafood markets: economic dimensions, ecological compatibility, and social aspects of fisheries and aquaculture

Cornelia Kreiss (Germany)
Rasmus Nielsen (Denmark)

Theme session M

Molecules and morphology; integrative taxonomic analysis of marine planktonic assemblages

Pennie Lindeque (United Kingdom)
Lidia Yebra (Spain)
Ann Bucklin ​(USA)​

Theme session N

Technical approaches to reduce the environmental impact of fishing

Dave Reid (Ireland)
Daniel Stepputtis (Germany)
Steve Cadrin (USA)​

Theme session O

Working towards an ecosystem approach to north Atlantic marine aquaculture

Gesche Krause​ (Germany)
Jann Martinsohn (European Commission)
Ryan B. Carnegie (USA)

Theme session P

Electronic monitoring and movement analysis in fisheries; applications of emerging science​
Neil Campbell (United Kingdom)
Nicolas Bez​​​ (France)
Chris McGuire (USA)​

​Theme session​ Q
(co-sponsored by PICES)

Sustainability thresholds and ecosystem functioning: the selection, calculation, and use of reference points in fisheries management​
Daniel R. Goethel (USA)
Henrik Sparholt (Denmark​)​
Aaron M.Berger(USA)​
Xiujuan Shan​ (China)

​Theme session R​

Towards a better understanding of human behaviour for improved fisheries science and management
Melania Borit (Norway)
Bruce Edmonds (United Kingdom)
Marloes Kraan (The Netherlands)​​


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Theme sessions

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