5th International Otolith Symposium

5th International Otolith Symposium 2014 (IOS2014)

20-24 October 2014
Mallorca, Balearic Islands

​​Strategic objective

The aim of the symposium is the exploration of the use of calcified tissues as tools to support management and the formulation of a definition of indicators at environmental, community, population, and individual levels.


Implementation of ecosystem-based approaches to marine management points to several shared objectives between conservation and fishery management that require better knowledge of the life history of the exploited resources, elucidation of the information encoded in the calcified tissues (otoliths, scales, bones, shells, and corals) of marine and freshwater organisms, and support for knowledge-based, sustainable ocean management and use.

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Host institution:    

20–24 October 2014

Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

Beatriz Morales-Nin (Spain) and Audrey Geffen (Norway)

Local organizing committee:    
Ignacio Catalán, Miquel Palmer (IMEDEA), and Enric Massutí (IEO Baleares)

Technical support:    
ICES Secretariat

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5th International Otolith Symposium 2014 (IOS2014)

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