ICES Annual Science Conference 2018

How do we best incorporate social and economic analyses in management advice?

This open session will make you think hard about the challenges that managers must address when making decisions across economic, social, institutional, and ecological dimensions.
Wednesday, 26 September
Lecture Hall J

​​​ICES has recently been asked to expand its advice to include the economic impacts of management decisions. The social benefits of marine resources are also being considered.

Here we examine and discuss several frameworks and case studies where advice has been delivered in ICES member countries and elsewhere in a more holistic, integrated manner. We present the current planned activities by ICES to develop science to be used when integrating social and economic information into decision-making.  

We will also challenge you to experience the struggle of making decisions facing key trade-offs. Hypothetical examples of the hard trade-offs managers must make are:

  • How do we trade-off non-market environmental values with people's jobs?
  • Is it worth risking closing the only fish processor in a community to increase the recovery speed of a species?
  • Is two euros of increased benefit in another country worth a one euro loss in your country?

There are no “correct" answers to these questions but we will discuss how different frameworks provide better information for managers to make difficult trade-offs. 

The sessions is organized by the ICES Strategic Initiative on the Human Dimension (SIHD).

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Alan Haynie, NOAA, USA
Eva-Lotta Sundblad, Swedish Institute for the Marine Environment, Sweden 
Jörn Schmidt,  University of Kiel, Germany

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How do we best incorporate social and economic analyses in management advice?

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