ICES Annual Science Conference 2021

A new era for science-industry collaboration

Join the discussion on how industry initiatives for data collection and data provision can contribute to scientific research.

Friday 10 September
16:00-17:00 CEST

​​​​​​​​​​​​Direct engagement of the fishing industry in the provision and co-creation of knowledge and data for research and management is becoming increasingly prevalent worldwide. In the ICES region, recent years have seen examples of scientific professionalisation of the fishing industry. Industry initiatives for data collection and data provision create opportunities for ICES, while at the same time raising important questions in relation to the standards for scientific information that is to be used as basis for scientific advice.

Industry engagement with science has waxed and waned over time and can be sensitive to the timing of prevailing issues related to management. What is the appetite and capability of industry to make meaningful contributions to scientific understanding? How does that match with the needs for scientific information to address short or long term issues relevant to the ICES community and its clients?

We anticipate addressing the following topics/questions in the networking session:

  • towards a typology of data needs and a typology of ways for industry to meet them: developing a framework with examples highlighting the possibilities
  • new technologies enabling the collection and uptake of data generated by the fishing industry to make better use of a fleet of potential flexible research platforms
  • what are the main incentives to initiate and maintain data and information streams between industry and science
  • assessing the potential of collaborations between fishers from different coastal states to create a common knowledge base for shared fish stock
  • validation, transparency, and accountability: issues and opportunities around the generation and provision of reliable data
  • creating efficient feedback mechanisms: from industry to science and from science to industry
  • how to bring in fishers' experiential knowledge in a consistent way into the scientific process ​

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Martin Pastoors (The Netherlands)
Nathalie Steins (The Netherlands)
Matthew Baker (USA)​
Stefan Neuenfeldt ​(Denmark)

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A new era for science-industry collaboration

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