Scoping workshop on next generation of mixed fisheries advice



WKMIXFISHWKMIXFISHTrueFRSGScoping workshop on next generation of mixed fisheries advice

3-5 March 2020
ICES Headquarters, Copenhagen, Denmark

​​​​​​​​​​​​​WKMIXFISH is a workshop to review the current mixed fisheries advice and identify future direction given the changing needs of the advisory system. It provides a forum for researchers, managers and stakeholders to jointly identify the key challenges and drivers for advice on mixed fisheries, review how current methods and approaches meet their needs and to identity future priority areas. 

For example, the objectives to achieve Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY) and improving selectivity (e.g. in the EU the landings obligation, or coping with large incoming year classes of juvenile haddock) pose a range of challenges due to technical interactions in fisheries. How might management advice and the advisory system better support meeting these policy objectives? Spatial management and selectivity improvements will undoubtedly play an increasingly important role and need new methods or ways of delivering advice. Taking into account of wider ecosystem considerations (e.g. impact of fisheries on vulnerable non-target species) is also crucial to deliver sustainable fisheries and this needs to be incorporated in models and advice. 

The workshop will discuss what types of approaches to advice may be possible in the future given current available data, knowledge and models; the aim is to identify what is needed to develop advice to meet managers' and stakeholders' needs and set out a road map to meet these goals.
Communication and visualisation of often complex, multi-faceted advice provided on mixed fisheries will also be discussed. How best to achieve this and to ensure that multi-layered information is provided in a clear, robust and meaningful way so that trade-offs can be assessed among management options. 
The outputs from the workshop will set direction for future mixed fisheries advice by prioritising research and developing and – ultimately - increasing our capacity to support mixed fisheries management.
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