Workshop on the Inclusion of Discard Survival in Stock Assessments



WKSURVIVEWKSURVIVETrueThomas Catchpole, Fabian ZimmermannFRSGthomas.catchpole@cefas.co.uk, fabian.zimmermann@hi.noWorkshop on the Inclusion of Discard Survival in Stock Assessments

The Workshop on the Inclusion of Discard Survival in Stock Assessments (WKSURVIVE) will be held 9–11 February 2021.

​​​​​​The workshop meets to:

a) Progress and extend the work of the dissolved ICES WGMEDS (Working Group on Methods to Estimate Discard Survival), initially through a single workshop that aims at assessing the state-of-the-art knowledge and current research needs relating to discard survival, through a collaboration between experts in stock assessment and experts in assessing discard survival.

b) Explore the feasibility and utility of incorporating new discard survival estimates in stock assessments in principle. This task will include an exchange of knowledge between the two disciplines on the key relevant components of stock assessments and of discard survival evidence in the context of managing stocks and generating stock advice.

c) Review the various approaches taken to integrate discard estimates in current assessments in the context of applying discard survival estimates.

d) Present case studies which aim to explore the implications to stock estimates and reference points of introducing discard survival estimates, or potential error caused by using inaccurate discard survival or omitting discarding entirely.

e) Maintain the work of WGMEDS in developing discard survival assessment methods and to progress our understanding of the factors effecting discard survival. This will include presenting updates on the latest research projects aiming to estimate discard survival, such as the evidence roadmaps associated with specific regulated exemptions from the landing obligation.

f) Decide whether a new ICES Working Group would receive sufficient support and provide the correct mechanism to progress the objective of utilising discard survival evidence in stock assessments. Outputs of the workshop will include identifying the skills, timelines, and specific terms of reference for a new group if this is the agreed approach. As a basis for this, the tasks proposed by WGMEDS will be discussed:

1. Develop guidance to assist benchmark workshops and assessment expert groups to determine whether the available survival estimates are sufficiently robust and representative to be utilised.

2. Develop methods to combine the results of survival studies on a given stock conducted with different gears, seasons, areas and handling methods to derive an overall best survival estimate of discards for the stock.

3. Propose standard approaches to including discard survival in catch scenarios for different assessment types.

4. Agree methods for presenting discard survival information in the advice sheets for the different ICES stock categories (1–6). This would include the standard terminology to use, formatting of tables and details of the calculations depending on the stock category.

WKSURVIVE will report by 1 March 2021 for the attention of the Fisheries Resources Steering Group and ACOM.

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