Workshop on the Future of Advice Data Quality Assurance



WKFAQWKFAQTrueJoël VigneauFRSGjoel.vigneau@ifremer.frWorkshop on the Future of Advice Data Quality Assurance

17-20 June, 2024
Ostend, Belgium

​​​Assuring the quality of advice produced by ICES to encompass the entire process from data collection to the publication of objective and independent advice is a cornerstone of the ICES advisory plan. As part of the quality assurance framework (QAF), ICES has identified the mapping out of process flows and critical control points and feedback loops as a task to be developed in the advisory system. ICES also identified the need for initiatives to address critical control points and agreed a Quality Policy in 2023.

This workshop builds on the work of the Working Group on the Governance of Quality Management of Data and Advice (WGQuality) and supports the ICES aim of creating an end-to-end quality assurance framework for advice production - from data management, data integration, data analysis, and data use, to the process of translating that data into ICES advice.

The objectives of the workshop are:

  • identify key groups that are dealing with data quality issues throughout the advice production lifecycle.
    • The production of advice in ICES relates to a broad diversity of issues and is supported by a large scope of data types. In consequence, there are a large number of groups that consider quality within ICES.
    • The ICES Data Center and the secretariat are developing tools to improve the storage and handling of the data used for assessment and advice and feedbacks to data providers. These tools and initiatives need to be included in a general quality framework to enable the compilation, identification and development of plans for filling information gaps.

  • Create a plan to deliver a stream-lined, coherent approach to dealing with data quality issues throughout the advice production lifecycle within ICES
    • Given the large scope of advice and data types involved, strategic reflexion and prioritisation will be needed in the proposed approach.
    • The approach developed will also need be to flexible enough to address future needs as well as the current ones.
    • It should also take into account other related work being carried out within ICES, such as e.g. the ICES Quality Policy and the Transparent Assessment Framework.

​Expert group members from any ICES groups (within FRSG, EOSG, IEASG) with an advice-related objective and data submitters or data preparation for other groups (within DSTSG) would be valuable inputs to the workshop.​


To register for this workshop, please contact Jette Fredslund at ICES Secretariat.​


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