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WGSFDGOVWGSFDGOVTrueRoi Martínez (Cefas)DSTSGroi.martinez@cefas.gov.ukWorking Group on Spatial Fisheries Data Governance

WGSFDGOV was established at the beginning of 2020 to oversee the relevant processes for working with spatial fisheries data, which are essential to understanding interactions between fisheries and the ecosystem.


ICES member countries provide Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) and logbook data which are used and analysed by the Working Group on Spatial Fisheries Data (WGSFD) to describe fishing distribution and consider its ecological footprint.

WGSFDGOV will support the ICES Secretariat, ICES Data Centre, and WGSFD​ so that the following aims can be achieved:

  • All VMS and related logbook data held on ICES databases, as well as the corresponding data products, will be secure to protect the personal and commercial data of the fisheries from which the data originate.

  • The output of the respective ICES databases that form the basis of ICES advice will be reliable regarding data quality by conducting sufficient and effective quality checks.

  • Review the spatial fisheries data calls and submissions to (a) rationalise the data needs; (b) provide easy and understandable guidance for those that have to answer the calls and submit data.

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Map of fishing effort extent of vessels using beam trawls to target demersal fish. C-squares containing fewer than three vessels are shaded yellow, and containing three or more vessels, purple (WGSFD 2019 Report, click on the image for report).​​

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