Marine and coastal CES knowledge repository

Marine and coastal CES knowledge repository

Marine and coastal cultural ecosystem services knowledge repository
The Working Group on Resilience and Marine Ecosystem Services (WGRMES) has developed a new global knowledge repository on cultural marine and coastal ecosystem services.

Marine ecosystem services (ES) are the benefits that humans obtain from ecosystems that support, directly or indirectly, their survival and quality of life in the planet and which also contribute to the development of the global economy. 

As well as a wide range of more tangible ecosystem services, rich cultural ecosystem services (CES) are also provided by marine systems. Cultural ecosystem services reflect peoples' physical and cognitive interactions with nature and are increasingly recognized for providing non-material benefits to societies. While coasts, seas, and oceans sustain a great proportion of the population though, the CES provided by these ecosystems have remained largely unexplored. 

The dataset aims to analyse the state of research on marine and coastal CES, identify knowledge gaps, and identify research priorities and pinpoint the way forward. To accomplish these goals, the database includes the results of a literature review, which synthesised a subset of 72 peer-reviewed publications. It links CES variables such as classification, type of methodologies and indicators, synergies and trade-offs, drivers of change, and links between habitats.

How to contribute
Contributions from those in the ICES scientific community and around the globe are welcome. If you want to receive more information about the project or are interested in contributing, please contact Sebastian Villasante and Joao Garcia Rodrigues​

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Marine and coastal CES knowledge repository

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