The case for consistency: ICES Style Guide and Word List

In the Northern Hemisphere, do dol​phins swim in anticlockwise or counterclockwise circles? Will you be a theme session convener or a convenor at the ASC? Are there more than or over 6000 scientists in ICES network?
Published: 24 April 2024

​​​​​In the ever-changing currents of communication, clarity and consistency are essential. An updated ICES Style Guide and Word List has just been published and serves as a compass for expert group​​​ members and chairs, authors, and editors navigating the ocean of ICES terminology and language nuances.

Style Guide: Why have one?

A comprehensive and consistent house style is one of the many ways that ICES signals and maintains its credibility within its community and to those outside it. The recently updated ICES Style Guide and Word List provides editorial guidelines to ensure consistency across ICES communication and reports. 

ICES follows the Oxford English Dictionary for most of its spelling preferences and bases its academic referencing style on those used at Oxford University Press. However, community members will frequently encounter specialized terminology that is unique to ICES work: this guide offers specific style and spelling recommendations for presenting these. The Style Guide is a living document, kept up-to-date by ICES Secretariat publications team to maintain high editorial standards.  

Our Style Guide is a resource that demonstrates the value our organization places on cohesive language, consistent terminology, and the evolving nuances of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. The majority of ICES community have a native language other than English: mindful of this, the Style Guide helps to advance a use of language that is concise, practical, inclusive, and free of ambiguity. 

As with all good rules, there will be instances where individuals are required to divert to personal preference and judgement. In general, consistency within a document is key. 

ICES Style Guide and Word List are now published and available to view and download in our library!​

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The case for consistency: ICES Style Guide and Word List

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