Name Type Country
Name Type Country
Xiaozi LiuChair-invited MemberNorway
Alfonso Pérez RodriguezChair-invited MemberNorway
Holly Ann PerrymanChair-invited MemberNorway
Szymon SurmaChair-invited MemberCanada
Warsha SingChair-invited MemberIceland
Sonja Elin Kleven JakobsenChair-invited MemberNorway
Lísa Anne LibunganMemberIceland
Hiroko SolvangChair-invited MemberNorway
Dorothy DankelChair-invited MemberNorway
Maud PierreChair-invited MemberFrance
Erik Askov MousingChair-invited MemberNorway
Gudmundur J. OskarssonMemberIceland
Daniel HowellChair-invited MemberNorway
Kjell Arne MorkChair-invited MemberNorway
Mette Skern-MauritzenChair-invited MemberNorway
Fabian ZimmermannChair-invited MemberNorway
Sigurvin BjarnasonMemberIceland
Antje VoelkerMemberPortugal
Lucie ButtayChair-invited MemberNorway
Teunis JansenChair-invited MemberGreenland
Mark PayneChair-invited MemberDenmark
Cecilia KvaavikChair-invited MemberIceland
Cecilie HansenChair-invited MemberNorway
Nikolaos NikolioudakisChair-invited MemberNorway
Sólvá K. EliasenMemberFaroe Islands
Inga KristiansenChair-invited MemberFaroe Islands
Mimi Elizabeth LamChair-invited MemberNorway
Hildur PétursdóttirMemberIceland
Gro van der MeerenChair-invited MemberNorway
Petter FossumChair-invited MemberNorway
Espen StrandChair-invited MemberNorway
Tycho Anker-NilssenChair-invited MemberNorway
Svein-Håkon LorentsenChair-invited MemberNorway
Webjörn MelleMemberNorway
Jan Arge JacobsenMemberFaroe Islands
Hjalmar HatúnMemberFaroe Islands
Eydna ì HomrumMemberFaroe Islands
Per ArnebergChairNorway
Knut BørsheimChair-invited MemberNorway
Annette SamuelsenChair-invited MemberNorway
Katja EnbergMemberNorway
Elvar H. HallfredssonMemberNorway
Anne Kirstine FrieMemberNorway
Kjell Rong UtneMemberNorway
Erling Kåre StenevikMemberNorway
Øystein SkagsethMemberNorway
Morten D. SkogenMemberNorway
Aril SlotteMemberNorway
Åge HøinesMemberNorway
Are SalthaugMemberNorway
Leif NøttestadMemberNorway
Cecilie BromsMemberNorway
Benjamin PlanqueMemberNorway
Tony PitcherChair-invited MemberCanada
Anna ÓlafsdóttirChairIceland
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