Name Type Country
Name Type Country
Karen AssmannChair-invited MemberNorway
Ulf LindstrømMemberNorway
Benjamin PlanqueChair-invited MemberNorway
Nils ØienChair-invited MemberNorway
Johanna FallChair-invited MemberNorway
Sylvia FrantzenChair-invited MemberNorway
Ann Merete HjelsetChair-invited MemberNorway
Jon AarsChair-invited MemberNorway
Louise Kiel JensenChair-invited MemberNorway
Bérengère HussonChairNorway
Elena EriksenMemberNorway
Bjørn Einar GrøsvikChair-invited MemberNorway
Raul PrimicerioMemberNorway
Per FauchaldMemberNorway
Hiroko SolvangChair-invited MemberNorway
Bjarte BogstadMemberNorway
Padmini DalpadadoMemberNorway
Randi IngvaldsenMemberNorway
Cecilie KvammeMemberNorway
Mette Skern-MauritzenMemberNorway
Georg SkaretMemberNorway
Jan Erik StiansenMemberNorway
Maria FossheimMemberNorway
Daniel HowellMemberNorway
Edda JohannesenMemberNorway
Espen BagøienMemberNorway
Gro van der MeerenChair-invited MemberNorway
Lis Lindal JørgensenMemberNorway
Vidar LienMemberNorway
Elvar H. HallfredssonMemberNorway
Per ArnebergChair-invited MemberNorway
Hilde Elise HeldalChair-invited MemberNorway
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