Workshop on Growth-increment Chronologies in Marine Fish: climate-ecosystem interactions in the North Atlantic



Workshop on Growth-increment Chronologies in Marine Fish: climate-ecosystem interactions in the North Atlantic (WKGIC) will meet to learn basic fundamentals chronology-development techniques.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Over the past decade, a growing network of chronologies has been developed from annual growth-increment widths in fish and bivalves in the North Pacific. These chronologies have been integrated across species, marine regions, and other biological time-series to develop indicators and identify climate drivers of productivity and functioning at the ecosystem level.

For the upcoming workshop, representatives of major fisheries laboratories will assemble to learn basic fundamentals chronology-development techniques and, most importantly, identify the most promising species and collections that would be suitable for such an approach in the North Atlantic, North Sea, Baltic, and Mediterranean regions. 

Specific objectives of the workshop include:

  • Teaching participants on the fundamentals of chronology development from a tree-ring (dendrochronology) perspective.  Topics to be covered include visual crossdating, increment measurement, and statistical approaches to chronology development
  • Discussing the assumptions and limitations of chronology development as well as the characteristics of species and collections for which these approaches would be ideally suited
  • Identifying species and collections that are most promising for chronology development based on participants’ expertise on otolith interpretation and institutional collections
  • Considering other physical and biological time series (indices of fish somatic growth or size, recruitment histories, lower-trophic productivity) that could be integrated with fish or bivalve chronologies
  • Identifying the most promising research questions that may be addressed using these techniques in the North Atlantic, North Sea, Baltic Sea, and Mediterranean
  • Initiating, based on workshop outcomes, an international cooperative project on chronology development to commence at a later date
  • Proposing a future hands-on, training workshop for those interested in learning the details of chronology-development techniques
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A Pacific ocean perch (Sebastes alutus) otolith from the eastern Bering Sea; red dots denote decades. Also shown are increment widths for 30 Pacific ocean perch individuals after age effects have been removed (grey lines) as well as the mean growth chronology (heavy black line). 

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