Advice release dates

Advice is released at 12:00 (CET) on the following dates in 2021​:


Release date


Requested by

​5 January
Advice on EU regulatory area options for VME protection
​11 February
​Advice on the on  manual of genetics procedures to be used in the NAFO Regulatory Area
25 FebruaryAdvice on sandeel
EU, Norway, UK
16 March​Advice on Pandalus in Divisions IIIa and IVa East
​EU, Norway, UK
13 April​Advice on North Sea and 3.a sprat​EU and Norway
​26 April
​Advice on a new rebuilding plan for western horse mackerel
​7 May
​Advice on North Atlantic salmonEU, ​NASCO, UK
​27 May
​​Norwegian Sea Ecosystem Overview
28 MayAdvice on Baltic Sea fish stocks
10 June​​Advice on deep-water fish stocks​​EU, NEAFC, UK
15 JuneAdvice on Arctic and North-Western fish stocksEU,  NEAFC, Norway, UK
15 June​Advice on Icelandic deep-water fish stocks​NEAFC, UK
​27 June

​Update of the 2019 advice for Whiting in divisions 8-9a

30 JuneAdvice on Bay of Biscay, Celtic Seas, and North Sea fish stocksEU, Norway, UK
Advice on Southern horse mackerel and anchovy​EU
Bycatch advice


Advice on vulnerable Marine Habitats​EU,  NEAFC
30 September
​Advice on widely distributed stocks​EU, NEAFC, Norway, UK
1 October​​Advice on elasm​obranchs​EU, NEAFC, UK
8 October​​Advice on Norway pout​EU, Norway, UK
​Advice on Barent Sea Capelin​NEAFC and Norway
29 October​Celtic Sea Norway lobster, anglerfish in North Sea, Rockall and West of Scotland, Skagerrak and Kattegat, and Rockall megrim in 8ab.​EU, UK
​4 November
​Advice on eel
In November, date tbc​Advice on ​Pandalus​EU, Norway, UK
​14 November​Advice on Sole in Division 7.d (eastern English Channel)​EU
30 November​Advice on Icelandic capelin and Faroese stocks​Iceland, NEAFC, Norway, UK​
30 November
​Fisheries overviews and mixed fisheries advice
​Advice on Bay of Biscay anchovy​EU, UK
12 December

​Ecosystem overviews​

​​ICES advice is in response to requests from competent authorities as described in various cooperation documents and special requests. Read the full list of cooperation agreements.

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Advice release dates

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