Ecosystem overviews

Norwegian Sea Ecosystem Overview

State: Non-indigenous, threatened  and declining species and habitats

​​​​​​​​​​Non-indigenous species

 There are ten non-indigenous species (NIS) reported from the Norwegian Sea with two (Pacific salmon, Oncorhynchus gorbuscha and the dinoflagellate Karenia mikimotoi) established in open parts of the sea. In addition, the invasive comb jelly (Mnemiopsis leidyi) has been occasionally observed (last in 2014). Most NIS have been reported from coastal regions where monitoring is in place. In general, the Norwegian Sea ecoregion is relatively poorly monitored for NIS, and there are therefore uncertainties associated with the occurrence of NIS in the ecoregion.

Threatened and declining species and habitats

Table 1: Threatened and declining species in the Norwegian Sea, according to OSPAR.

Nucella lapillus

Ostrea edulis
Dog whelk

Flat Oyster
Larus fuscus fuscus Lesser black-backed gull
Pagophila eburnea Ivory gull
Rissa tridactyla Black-legged kittiwake
Uria lomvia Thick-billed murre (or Brünnich's guillemot)
Anguilla anguilla European eel
Cetorhinus maximus Basking shark
Dipturus batis Common skate
Lamna nasus Porbeagle
Petromyzon marinus Sea lamprey
Salmo salar Salmon
Squalus acanthias [Northeast Atlantic] spurdog
Balaenoptera musculus

Balen mysticetus
Blue whale

Bowhead Whale
Eubalaena glacialis Northern right whale
Phocoena phocoenaHarbour porpoise


Table 2: Threatened and declining habitats in the Norwegian Sea, according to OSPAR.

Coral gardens
Deep-sea sponge aggregations
Intertidal mudflats
Lophelia pertusa reefs
Modiolus modiolus beds
Zostera beds


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Norwegian Sea Ecosystem Overview

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