How to search for data - tips and tricks

We host over 300 million recorded measurements spanning over 127 years. Find out how to browse and access these data with our instructional videos and tips.

​​​How do I access ICES data portal?

Your journey into our world of georeferenced data begins by accessing the data portal landing page. 
  • Select 'data portals' from the marine data drop-down menu at the top of the homepage.
  • Click 'ICES data portal' in the refinement panel on the left.
  • The resulting page contains icons for our six datasets: 'ICES Ocean' - oceanographic data, 'DATRAS' - trawl survey data, 'DOME' - environmental data, 'Historical datasets' - historical and current plankton data, 'Stomach data' - data relating to the contents of fish stomachs, and 'eggs and larvae' - eggs and larvae data. 
  • Select the globe and magnifying glass icon for the complete data inventory.​​​​

How do I navigate ICES data portal?

To navigate the data portal, you need to start from the data portal landing page. In a nutshell, the tabs at the top of the table are your entry point for the search and columns on the left for further refine​ment.
  • Select one of the tabs as the entry point for your search. Under each tab, each category or subcategory is listed with four statistical columns on the right and refinement options on the left.
  • For each category or subcategory you can use the left-hand columns to further refine your search. So for example if you use the tab 'data type' to begin, you could select 'fish trawl survey data from the Irish Ground Fish Survey', then use either the species icon or parameter icon in the columns on the left to narrow the search down.
  • You can also use the search field to type in exactly what you are looking for. Make sure you select the 'reset' button next to the field to reset the data.


How do I visualize data on the map?

You can click and drag the map around using the mouse and also zoom in and out using the plus and minus buttons on the left-hand side.

  • Manoeuvre the map to your desired region then, whilst holding down shit and the left mouse button, drag the mouse across the screen to create an orange box. 
  • Click the 'update summaries' button underneath. This refines all the data in the table at the bottom of the page according to the delimited area.​ This applies to all categories and tabs in the table. ​
  • Hit the 'reset' button to return to the complete inventory and to erase the orange box on the map. ​​​​​​
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How to search for data - tips and tricks

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