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ICES ASC 2016 abstracts
20160411_Abstract_Knigge_ASC2016_Theme_session_Q.pdfEvaluating progress to restore EU fish populations in line with the CFP20160411_Abstract_Knigge_ASC2016_Theme_session_QMarkus Knigge115Q24/08/2016 10:54
Aged and children first-Poster-final-ASC.pdfAged and children first! Challenges in the development of a new selectivity concept for trawl fisheriesAged and children first-Poster-final-ASCStefanie Haase116Q24/08/2016 10:54
Are FMSY ranges a promising or a dangerous option.pdfAre FMSY ranges a promising or a dangerous option?Are FMSY ranges a promising or a dangerous optionClara Ulrich117Q24/08/2016 10:54
Berglann_ICES_AbstractQ.pdfFisheries management under uncertainty using a hybrid instrumentBerglann_ICES_AbstractQHelge Berglann118Q24/08/2016 10:54
ClientEarth abstract for ICES ASC 2016 Theme Session Q - 21.04.2016.pdfThe MSY objective: the EU’s progress so far, and raising the barClientEarth abstract for ICES ASC 2016 Theme Session Q - 21.04.2016Liane Veitch119Q24/08/2016 10:54
Garcia et al 2016 ASC Session Q.pdfA multi-stock harvest control rule as a step towards an ecosystem based fisheries managementGarcia et al 2016 ASC Session QDorleta Garcia120Q24/08/2016 10:54
Hidalgo et al  ICES ASC 2016_Session_Q.pdfEcological implications of the Landing Obligation on balanced harvesting in Mediterranean fisheriesHidalgo et al ICES ASC 2016_Session_QM. Hidalgo121Q24/08/2016 10:55
ICES CM 2016 Abstract 2.pdfDeveloping an assessment framework for Goose Barnacles (Pollicipes polymerus) incorporating advancements in technology and local ecological knowledge in Clayoquot Sound off the west coast of CanadaICES CM 2016 Abstract 2Candace Picco122Q24/08/2016 10:54
ICES CM 2016 Q Beyond Fmsy Howell et al.pdfBeyond Fmsy in the Barents Sea and beyondICES CM 2016 Q Beyond Fmsy Howell et alD. Howell107Q24/08/2016 10:54
ICES CM 2016_Q_Holma.pdfTargeting sustainable salmon fisheries – what to aim at?ICES CM 2016_Q_HolmaMaija Holma108Q24/08/2016 10:54
ices_2016_Q.pdfThe application of pretty good yield ranges to the North Sea multispecies fisheryices_2016_QRobert B. Thorpe109Q24/08/2016 10:54
ICES_abstract.pdfEffects of trophic and technical interactions on the definition of MSY reference points in a mixed-fisheries ecosystemICES_abstractMorgane Travers-Trolet110Q24/08/2016 10:54
ICES_abstract_Session Q_Gascuel and Froese.pdfNew Harvest Control Rules for minimizing the impact of fishing in EuropeICES_abstract_Session Q_Gascuel and FroeseDidier Gascuel111Q24/08/2016 10:54
Pedrajas ICES 2016.pdfInteraction between seabirds and trawlers: preliminary insights from the Bay of BiscayPedrajas ICES 2016Arkaitz Pedrajas610Q06/09/2016 14:27
Stein_etal_ICES2016_Abstract_SessionQ_v3.pdfA time-integrated approach to evaluating fishery management performanceStein_etal_ICES2016_Abstract_SessionQ_v3Sarah R. Stein113Q24/08/2016 10:54
Surma_ICES-ASC-2016_abstract.pdfEffects of herring fishing strategies on a modelled Northeast Pacific ecosystemSurma_ICES-ASC-2016_abstractSzymon Surma114Q24/08/2016 10:54