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ICES ASC 2016 abstracts
Abstract ICES ASC-Session O-GLambert.pdfOptimizing otoliths sampling design in fishery-independent surveys for stock assessmentsAbstract ICES ASC-Session O-GLambertGwladys Lambert164O24/08/2016 11:29
Abstract NSSH.pdfSelf-sampling of the Norwegian Springs Spawning Herring fishery –  optimizing data collections to achieve sufficient precision in stock assessmentsAbstract NSSHSondre Aanes165O25/08/2016 09:09
Abstract_Sell_etal.pdfCustom-tailored or fit for multi-purpose?  Options for (re)designing North Sea fisheries surveysAbstract_Sell_etalAnne Sell166O25/08/2016 09:09
abstract_uriarte_etal_ices_asc_2016_v1.pdfHow do surveys’ variances affect the assessment and management of the Bay of Biscay anchovy?abstract_uriarte_etal_ices_asc_2016_v1Andres Uriarte167O24/08/2016 11:29
ASC_abstract_self_ob_final.pdfEvaluating bias in an observer and self-sampling discard programmeASC_abstract_self_ob_finalChun Chen168O24/08/2016 11:29
ASC2016_data_quality.pdfData quality in fisheries scienceASC2016_data_qualityL Duboca169O24/08/2016 11:29
ASC2016_IC_quality_parameters.pdfImproving the analytical assessment of fish stocks by providing parameters of data quality via InterCatchASC2016_IC_quality_parametersJose Castro170O24/08/2016 11:29
ASC2016CREDOptyx (1).pdfptyx : data compilation at the edge of automationASC2016CREDOptyx (1)Laurent Dubroca171O24/08/2016 11:29
Azevedo-Silva-Volstad_ICESCM2016O.pdfModeling length distribution by commercial size category to estimate species catch length composition for stock assessmentAzevedo-Silva-Volstad_ICESCM2016OM. Azevedo172O24/08/2016 11:29
Devine_ICES abstract 2016.pdfQuantifying optimal sampling effort for estimating recruit abundance for juvenile anadromous alewifeDevine_ICES abstract 2016Matthew T. Devine173O25/08/2016 09:11
Duplisea.ICES.2016-O.pdfImpact of splitting decisions on reported aggregated catch of two sympatric redfish (Sebastes spp) species on stock status and harvest adviceDuplisea.ICES.2016-ODaniel E. Duplisea174O24/08/2016 11:29
Forrest_Abstract_Session_O_submit.pdfPerformance of alternative assessment methods for Pacific Cod (Gadus macrocephalus) in British Columbia: a difficult-to-age species with highly uncertain productivityForrest_Abstract_Session_O_submitRobyn E. Forrest175O25/08/2016 09:10
Garcia and Prellezo 2016 GSA ASC Session O.pdfDefinition of sampling priorities using Global Sensitivity Analysis and Management Strategy EvaluationGarcia and Prellezo 2016 GSA ASC Session ODorleta Garcia176O24/08/2016 11:29
Hake_samplingdesign_ASC2016.pdfStatistical analysis of the sampling design: FishPi case study on the biological sampling of the European hake fisheryHake_samplingdesign_ASC2016Jose Castro177O24/08/2016 11:29
Holt ICES Evaluation of sampling designs 2016.pdfEvaluation of sampling designs for data-limited populations of Pacific salmon in CanadaHolt ICES Evaluation of sampling designs 2016Carrie Holt139O24/08/2016 11:29
ICES 2016 ADP Abstract.pdfAlternative sample designs for the deployment of observers in the North PacificICES 2016 ADP AbstractCraig Faunce140O24/08/2016 11:29
ICES ASC 2016 Theme Session O abstract Clarke et al.pdfWhich species to sample? An objective method for the selection of species when sampling fish on a market.ICES ASC 2016 Theme Session O abstract Clarke et alLiz Clarke141O24/08/2016 11:29
ICES ASC 2016_abstract Protocol optimization_Tiago Malta_final.pdfOptimizing data collection processes for industry collected gear selectivity dataICES ASC 2016_abstract Protocol optimization_Tiago Malta_finalTiago Malta142O24/08/2016 11:29
ICES ASC 2016_session O_poster_v4.pdfTechnological tools for optimising data collection and managementICES ASC 2016_session O_poster_v4Inês Farias532O25/08/2016 12:04
ICES ASC2016 abstract.pdfCan less be more? Effects of reduced frequency of surveys and stock assessmentsICES ASC2016 abstractFabian Zimmermann143O24/08/2016 11:29
ICES ASC-Abstract-Blasiak-Spijkers.pdfStrategic use of uncertainty: Regional comparison of fisheries cooperation in the North Pacific and Northeast AtlanticICES ASC-Abstract-Blasiak-SpijkersRobert Blasiak144O24/08/2016 11:29
ICES CM 2016 CS2 abstract FINAL.pdfEvaluating regional designs for the on-shore sampling of North Sea demersal fisheriesICES CM 2016 CS2 abstract FINALAlastair Pout145O24/08/2016 11:29
ICES CM 2016_Abstract_MM.pdfEffect of shortening haul durations on a survey’s species richness estimatesICES CM 2016_Abstract_MMM. Moriarty146O24/08/2016 11:29
ICES CM 2016_O Schon_Lundy.pdfOptimising sampling intensity though observation, not simulation: An example from an at-sea, demersal fishery sampling programmeICES CM 2016_O Schon_LundyPieter-Jan Schön147O24/08/2016 11:29
ICES CM 2016_Prellezo.pdfCalculating the economic benefits from the fisheries research surveys from indirect methodologiesICES CM 2016_PrellezoRaul Prellezo148O24/08/2016 11:29
ICES CM 2016-sessO-abstract-1_Stern.pdf Integrating molecular methods into long-term plankton observationsICES CM 2016-sessO-abstract-1_SternRowena Fay Stern149O24/08/2016 11:29
ICES_2016_Bourdaud_et_al_O.pdfInferring the annual, seasonal and spatial distributions of marine species from combined research and commercial vessels’ catch ratesICES_2016_Bourdaud_et_al_OPierre Bourdaud150O24/08/2016 11:29
ICES_2016_Wright_et_al_O.pdfLittle data, big impact: using simple data protocols to achieve real-time management goalsICES_2016_Wright_et_al_OBrooke L. Wright151O24/08/2016 11:29
ICES_CM 2016-O.pdfPresenting the MarinEye project –Development and validation of a prototype for multitrophic oceanic monitoringICES_CM 2016-OC. Bartilotti152O24/08/2016 11:29
ICES_CM_2016Riethmueller_etal_spmWorkshop.pdfBest-practice for long-term observations of total suspended particulate matter in coastal marine environmentsICES_CM_2016Riethmueller_etal_spmWorkshopRolf Riethmüller153O24/08/2016 11:29
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