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ICES ASC 2016 abstracts
2016-ICES-ACS-M-Rana.pdfIs there a longitudinal plankton abundance gradient in the Levantine? Lessons from Continuous Plankton Recorder preliminary results.2016-ICES-ACS-M-RanaRana Abu Alhaija209M24/08/2016 11:41
2016-ICES-ASC-M-Cyclamen-Rana.pdfFood from above: Distribution of zooplankton over a deep water coral community in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea2016-ICES-ASC-M-Cyclamen-RanaRana Abu Alhaija210M24/08/2016 11:41
Abstract for ICES_Griniene_Kuosa.pdfSize-selective microzooplankton grazing on the phytoplankton in the Curonian Lagoon (SE Baltic Sea)Abstract for ICES_Griniene_KuosaEvelina Grinienė211M24/08/2016 11:41
Abstract paper.pdfPrimary productivity – an important structuring variable in marine plankton food websAbstract paperTore Johannessen212M24/08/2016 11:41
Atkinson_Abstract_session M RigaASC_2016.pdfA view from the south: use of composite time series data to determine how recruitment and mortality modulate krill population size.Atkinson_Abstract_session M RigaASC_2016Angus Atkinson, 215M24/08/2016 11:41
ICES CM 2016_Carvalho-Souza_etal.pdfTrophic control in the Guadalquivir estuary and neighbouring waters of the Gulf of CadizICES CM 2016_Carvalho-Souza_etalG.F. Carvalho-Souza 217M24/08/2016 11:42
ICES CM 2016_M_Eglite_et al_Trophic Structure.pdfImpact of cyanobacteria on the mesozooplankton trophic structure and amino acid metabolism in the Central Baltic SeaICES CM 2016_M_Eglite_et al_Trophic StructureElvita218M25/08/2016 09:02
ICES CM 2016_Prokopchuk IP_abstract.pdfDiet and consumption of zooplankton by polar cod Boreogadus saida (Lepechin, 1774) in the Barents SeaICES CM 2016_Prokopchuk IP_abstractIrina Prokopchuk219M24/08/2016 11:42
ICES CM 2016M_Beggs.pdfClupeids in the Irish Sea: Evidence of food mediated density-dependent control of an abundant forage speciesICES CM 2016M_BeggsS.E. Beggs220M24/08/2016 11:42
ICES_2016_M_Dudeck.pdfThe role of zooplankton as central trophic level in the “wintery” English Channel: environmental drivers, size and herring larvae from 1988 to 2016ICES_2016_M_DudeckTim Dudeck221M24/08/2016 11:42
ICES_ASC_poster_M139_Rubene_etal.pdfRecent change in the long-term dynamics of copepods influence the pelagic food web structure in the Gulf of RigaICES_ASC_poster_M139_Rubene_etalGunta Rubene607M06/09/2016 14:15
ICES_ASC16_M_Abstract_EB.pdfIntraguild predation of Atlantic mackerel on early life stages of anchovy and sardineICES_ASC16_M_Abstract_EBEneko Bachiller192M24/08/2016 11:42
ICES_CM_ 2016_M_abstract_Dominik Auch.pdfOffshore Wind Farms in the North Sea: Is there an effect on the zooplankton community?ICES_CM_ 2016_M_abstract_Dominik AuchDominik Auch193M25/08/2016 09:03
ICES_CM_2016_M_EerkesMedrano.pdfThe role of temperature as a proxy for prey availabilityICES_CM_2016_M_EerkesMedranoDafne Eerkes-Medrano194M24/08/2016 11:42
Jernberg_etal_poster.pdfZooplankton in the Baltic Sea food web – testing indicator parameters using signal detection theoryJernberg_etal_posterSusanna Jernberg608M06/09/2016 14:14
ji_asc2016_abstract.pdfSensitivity of marine copepods to bottom-up and top-down forcingji_asc2016_abstractRubao Ji196M24/08/2016 11:42
Klais et al. abstract ICES ASC 2016.pdfLong-term dynamics of small copepods in a coastal area of the Baltic SeaKlais et al. abstract ICES ASC 2016Riina Klais197M24/08/2016 11:42
Kvile_Abstract.pdfA statistical regression approach to estimate zooplankton mortality ratesKvile_AbstractKristina Øie Kvile198M24/08/2016 11:42
Marquesetal_ICESCM2016_M.pdfZooplankton diversity in Lisbon Bay: seasonal variation and temporal changes in the Portuguese upwelling systemMarquesetal_ICESCM2016_MRaquel Marques199M24/08/2016 11:42
Nikishina_ICES_2016.pdfDiel Vertical Migration in Zooplankton: Looking for the Optimal Survival StrategyNikishina_ICES_2016Anastasia Nikishina200M24/08/2016 11:42
Pires et al decapods ICES_ASC.pdfDecapod larval  communities of the Mediterranean and Atlantic basinsPires et al decapods ICES_ASCRita F. T. Pires201M25/08/2016 09:05
Podgornyj_Dmitrieva_ICES_2016_Riga.pdfThe structure and some features of the mathematical model for study of the influence food preferences of zooplankton on the dynamic behaviour of N–P–Z–D plankton food webPodgornyj_Dmitrieva_ICES_2016_RigaKonstantin Podgornyj202M24/08/2016 11:42
Poster Tore Johannessen.pdfOverfishing of planktivorous fishes and eutrophication may have the same impact on the structure of marine planktonic food websPoster Tore JohannessenTore Johannessen606M06/09/2016 14:12
Rivkin_ices 2016 ASM_ session_M.pdfPotential impact zooplankton prey preferences on the estimation of mesoscale zooplankton processes.Rivkin_ices 2016 ASM_ session_MRichard B. Rivkin203M24/08/2016 11:42
Ryabov et al Antarctic krill_.pdfPopulation cycles of Antarctic krillRyabov et al Antarctic krill_Alexey Ryabov 204M24/08/2016 11:42
Stige_ICES CM 2016_M.pdfZooplankton and fish: revealing key processes in predator−prey dynamics in the Barents SeaStige_ICES CM 2016_MLeif Chr. Stige205M24/08/2016 11:42
synKoFiMo_Abstract ICEC ASC 2016-session M.pdfQuantification of plankton and fish in offshore wind farms using a novel multibeam echosounder approach.synKoFiMo_Abstract ICEC ASC 2016-session MDominik Gloe206M25/08/2016 09:07
Villarino_et_al_abstract_ASC_ICES_16.pdfLarge scale ocean connectivity and body sizeVillarino_et_al_abstract_ASC_ICES_16Ernesto Villarino207M24/08/2016 11:45