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ICES ASC 2016 abstracts
20160430 abstract - Stable isotope.pdfThe use of strontium stable isotope ratios to infer juvenile European Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) estuarine fidelity and movement within high estuarine habitats20160430 abstract - Stable isotopeThomas Stamp345H25/08/2016 08:47
2016-Latvia-Zapf_Rulifson-River_Herring.pdfJuvenile river herring (Alosa species) otoliths identify spawning runs in coastal watersheds with poor nursery habitat2016-Latvia-Zapf_Rulifson-River_HerringDaniel H. Zapf344H25/08/2016 08:47
Abstact Age and life cycle of Berryteuthis.pdfPopulation of the Commander squid (Berryteuthis magister) in the area of the Northern Kuril Islands: age and life cycle reconstructionAbstact Age and life cycle of BerryteuthisF.V. Lishchenko347H25/08/2016 08:47
Abstract Hard Structures-1.pdfAgeing of cephalopods using hard structuresAbstract Hard Structures-1F.V.Lishchenko305H25/08/2016 08:47
Abstract ICES Science meeting 2016_Andrade et al.pdfEffects of climate on cod life history and ecology along a temperate-arctic gradientAbstract ICES Science meeting 2016_Andrade et alHector Andrade306H25/08/2016 08:47
Abstract_ICES latvia.pdfValidating the relationship between metabolic rate and otolith carbon isotopes in an iconic Australian fish speciesAbstract_ICES latviaJasmin Martino307H25/08/2016 08:48
Abstract_speed2.pdfMorphological changes of otoliths during the growth of icefish Pseudochaenichthys georgianus, Chaenocephalus aceratus and Champsocephalus gunnariAbstract_speed2Ryszard Jacek Traczyk310H25/08/2016 08:47
Abstract-Corrected.pdfA novel approach to estimate natural and fishery related mortality of the common whelk, Buccinum undatum (L) using shell size distributions and age readingsAbstract-CorrectedV. Laptikhovsky311H25/08/2016 08:47
Darnaude et al_ICES_ASC_H.pdfOptimizing otolith 18O values for shelf-scale determination of provenance in a migratory flatfishDarnaude et al_ICES_ASC_HAudrey M. Darnaude312H25/08/2016 08:47
ELHABOUZYoussef.pdfAutomatic recognition of otoliths which have a high shape similarityELHABOUZYoussefYoussef El Habouz313H25/08/2016 08:47
Gillanders et al ICES CM 2016_H.pdfEnvironmental reconstructions from fish otoliths indicate change over decadal and centennial time scalesGillanders et al ICES CM 2016_HBronwyn M. Gillanders314H25/08/2016 08:47
Granneman_Abstract ICES 2016.pdfFish eye lenses allow us to see into the past, revealing geographic histories that can be compared to otolith trace-metal profilesGranneman_Abstract ICES 2016J. Granneman315H25/08/2016 08:47
HughesRulifson-SB_Latvia.pdfBack-casting of adult striped bass otoliths using a random forests model to determine critical coastal nursery habitatsHughesRulifson-SB_LatviaColey S. Hughes614H09/09/2016 11:56
Hüssy_ASC2016_SessionH.pdfSlave to the rhythm: Can seasonal signals in otolith microchemistry be used as a tool for age estimation?Hüssy_ASC2016_SessionHKarin Hüssy316H25/08/2016 08:47
ICES 2016 abstract_ZD.pdfBiogenic carbonate records environmental variation in sulfur isotopesICES 2016 abstract_ZDZoe Doubleday530H25/08/2016 11:10
ICES 2016 Walther.pdfFish scales as non-lethal analogues to otoliths: reconstructing migrations across salinity gradients with geochemical proxies in alternative structuresICES 2016 WaltherBenjamin D. Walther317H25/08/2016 08:47
ICES ASC 2016, Theme Session H_Vitale et al.pdfReconstructing environmental history of water off the southern coast of Sicily with bomb radiocarbon validated longevity coupled with trace elements analysis in otoliths of Dentex gibbosus (Sparidae)ICES ASC 2016, Theme Session H_Vitale et alS. Vitale613H09/09/2016 11:58
ICES ASC_2016_H_626.pdfMultiple alizarin immersion marking of juvenile sea trout Salmo trutta m. trutta L. otoliths as a practice in the stocking programICES ASC_2016_H_626Adam M. Lejk618H13/09/2016 11:53
ICES CM 2016.pdfBoundary based stock classification: Expert otolith readers outperform automated outlining methodsICES CM 2016J. Mapp321H25/08/2016 08:47
ICES CM 2016_H  Arkhipkin.pdfDirect methods in age and growth studies of cephalopodsICES CM 2016_H ArkhipkinA.I. Arkhipkin322H25/08/2016 08:47
ICES CM 2016_hw_d.pdfStrontium marking young eel for restocking in Sweden – preliminary results on a full scale implementation.ICES CM 2016_hw_dHåkan Wickström323H25/08/2016 08:47
ICES CM 2016_Secor_CMH.pdfEstuarine retention and production of striped bass larvae: A mark-recapture experimentICES CM 2016_Secor_CMHDavid H. Secor324H25/08/2016 08:47
ICES CM 2016-FEY.pdfAge validation and growth rate of larval and early juvenile pike (Esox lucius L.)ICES CM 2016-FEYDariusz P. Fey325H25/08/2016 08:47
ICES_Redding_Abstract.pdfContingent structure of Northwest Atlantic mackerel evaluated using otolith stable isotopesICES_Redding_AbstractS.G. Redding326H25/08/2016 08:47
JLewisICESfinal.pdfYou can’t swim from the past! Using otolith micro-chemistry to explore range-expansion in gilthead seabreamJLewisICESfinalJen Lewis624H15/09/2016 14:54
JoyceONG_ICES_abstract.pdfClimate-driven synchrony of marine and terrestrial ecosystems in northwest AustraliaJoyceONG_ICES_abstractJ. Ong328H25/08/2016 08:47
Mahe et al ASC 2016.pdfMarginal increment analysis of fish otoliths: new insights across a range of speciesMahe et al ASC 2016K. Mahé330H25/08/2016 08:35
morrongiello ICES abstract.pdfAdditive and synergistic impacts of fishing and warming on the growth of a temperate marine fishmorrongiello ICES abstractJohn Morrongiello331H25/08/2016 08:35
Otoliths for monitoring.pdfAre otoliths effective environmental monitoring tools for coastal zone management?Otoliths for monitoringAudrey J.Geffen332H25/08/2016 08:35
PaceICES.2016.pdfEvidence of multidecadal recruitment in the ocean quahog, Arctica islandica in the western Atlantic OceanPaceICES.2016Sara M. Pace333H25/08/2016 08:35
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