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ICES ASC 2016 abstracts
2016_ICES Abstract_sessionG_TanakaEtAl.pdfDevelopment of a predictive model of shell disease for inshore lobster fisheries: A case study in Long Island Sound2016_ICES Abstract_sessionG_TanakaEtAlKisei Tanaka564G01/09/2016 12:01
Abstract Ices Theme G-1 Sartor_et al.pdfThe “Menaide” small scale driftnets: an example of selective and traditional fisheries, sustaining the economy of small coastal villages in ItalyAbstract Ices Theme G-1 Sartor_et alPaolo Sartor566G01/09/2016 12:02
ABSTRACT.pdfLocal fishing communities and nature based tourism: shrimp fisheries and whale watching in Baja, MexicoABSTRACTAlberto Ansuategi567G01/09/2016 12:03
Abstract_open source monitoring_ICES 2016.pdfOpen source monitoring platform for small commercial fisheriesAbstract_open source monitoring_ICES 2016Gorka Gabiña561G01/09/2016 12:03
Abstract_Theme G-1_SSF Med.pdfFisheries diversity in the Mediterranean: the Italian monitoring programme for the assessment of productivity and ecological sustainability of inshore fisheriesAbstract_Theme G-1_SSF MedR.F. Sabatella562G01/09/2016 12:03
ASC2016dataquality.pdfUsing GIS to localize the fishing activity of small vessels targeting European hake in the Adriatic sea as a basis for spatial managementASC2016dataqualitySpedicato, M.T.,563G01/09/2016 12:04
Assessing the capability and willingness of skippers towards fishing.pdfAssessing the capability and willingness of skippers towards fishing industry-led data collectionAssessing the capability and willingness of skippers towards fishingStephen C. Mangi582G01/09/2016 12:50
Ateş_et_al ICES 2016 ABSTRACT.pdfEconomic gains from invasive species in the Gökova Bay: A small scale fishing experimentAteş_et_al ICES 2016 ABSTRACTCelal Ateş568G01/09/2016 12:05
Craig Brownlie- ICES 2016 Abstract.pdfAgent-based modelling of marine recreational activity: accounting for the drivers behind human behaviourCraig Brownlie- ICES 2016 AbstractCraig Brownlie544G01/09/2016 12:06
Cryer-Smith-ICES-2016-G-comprehensive-approach-recreational-catch.pdfA comprehensive approach to assessing and monitoring marine recreational fisheriesCryer-Smith-ICES-2016-G-comprehensive-approach-recreational-catchMartin Cryer545G01/09/2016 12:06
Cryer-Smith-ICES-2016-G-comprehensive-approach-recreational-catchxx.pdfResolving the inshore fisheries with SAR-AIS data fusionCryer-Smith-ICES-2016-G-comprehensive-approach-recreational-catchxxLauren Biermann546G01/09/2016 12:06
Ferter et al.pdfDeveloping a sampling scheme to evaluate Norwegian marine recreational fisheries - a case study in the OslofjordFerter et alKeno Ferter547G01/09/2016 12:07
Gordoa Boada (RF).pdfRecreational Marine fishing in Spain: a survey plan for a global approachGordoa Boada (RF)Ana Gordoa548G01/09/2016 12:07
Hyder et al  RSF abstract.pdfRecreational sea angling – a European perspectiveHyder et al RSF abstractKieran Hyder549G01/09/2016 12:08
ICES Abstract Session G Michael Roach.pdfDoes temporary closure of lobster (Homarus gammarus) grounds due to windfarm construction highlight a new approach to management of crustacean stocks?ICES Abstract Session G Michael RoachMichael Roach550G01/09/2016 12:08
ICES abstract_2016.pdfDeveloping a sentinel longline/jig survey for groundfish species in the eastern Gulf of Maine.ICES abstract_2016Mattie Rodrigue551G01/09/2016 12:09
ICES ASC Weltersbach et al.pdfSurveying 2.0 - Using remote cameras to monitor a highly specialized recreational fishery in the Baltic SeaICES ASC Weltersbach et alMarc Simon Weltersbach552G01/09/2016 12:10
ICES CM 2016 Abstract MJ.pdfDevelopment of a platform for fine scale spatial assessment of fishing activities around ScotlandICES CM 2016 Abstract MJMark James553G01/09/2016 12:10
ICES CM 2016 Abstract MJJT.pdfEstablishing the location of fishing activities within Scottish inshore areas using AIS technologyICES CM 2016 Abstract MJJTMark James554G01/09/2016 12:11
ICES CM 2016_abstract_v3.pdfA Bayesian network approach to predict survival of caught-and-released fishICES CM 2016_abstract_v3Sebastian S. Uhlmann556G01/09/2016 12:11
ICES CM 2016_Gsession.pdfAn ecosystem-based approach to define small scale fisheries management plans in the Bay of BiscayICES CM 2016_GsessionArantza Murillas-Maza557G01/09/2016 12:12
ICES CM 2016G.pdfThe value of fishing contest on monitoring fish communities and recreational fishing selectivityICES CM 2016GJordi Boada558G01/09/2016 12:12
ICES session G abstract black bream VELTEROP.pdfConsequences of catch-and-release angling for black bream Spondyliosoma cantharus, during the parental care period: implications for managementICES session G abstract black bream VELTEROPAdrian Pinder559G01/09/2016 12:12
ICES_Abstract.pdfThe recreational fishery in Greece. A comparison to the small scale fisheryICES_AbstractKostas Kapiris560G01/09/2016 12:13
ICES_CM_2016_G_Abstract_Small_scale,_big_deal_Sampling_catches.pdfSmall scale, big deal: Sampling catches from European small-scale fisheriesICES_CM_2016_G_Abstract_Small_scale,_big_deal_Sampling_catchesS. Demanèche, M. Armstrong, E. Mugerza580G01/09/2016 12:47
Poster_ThemeG_Regimbart.pdfMonitoring approaches of recreational fisheries in France under the Marine Strategy Framework DirectivePoster_ThemeG_RegimbartAmélie Régimbart570G01/09/2016 12:49
Review of evidence on the impacts of under 10 m and over 10 m.pdfReview of evidence on the impacts of under 10m and over 10m fishing fleets in England, UKReview of evidence on the impacts of under 10 m and over 10 mStephen C. Mangi581G01/09/2016 12:48
SAD_Malta_ICES Abstract.pdfQuantifying catches of the sport fishing community along the Maltese coast.SAD_Malta_ICES AbstractSandra Agius Darmanin571G01/09/2016 12:49
Shepperson ICES ASC 2016 Abstract.pdfAn individual based model of fisher behaviour for management scenario prediction in the Isle of Man scallop fisheryShepperson ICES ASC 2016 AbstractJennifer Shepperson572G01/09/2016 12:52
Small scale and recreational fisheries fishPI_EM_lz_PB.pdfStrengthening regional cooperation in small scale and recreational fisheries data collection (FishPi)Small scale and recreational fisheries fishPI_EM_lz_PBLucia Zarauz573G01/09/2016 12:52
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