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ICES ASC 2016 abstracts
Abstract ASC 2016 Robert et al.pdfImproving fisheries management by increasing selectivity: Results from the CelSelect projectAbstract ASC 2016 Robert et alMarianne Robert 423F25/08/2016 09:36
Abstract for Theme Session F_ DSF application in West Coast of Scotland_Final.pdfTowards an ecosystem approach to fisheries management: participatory planning and decision support for the West coast of Scotland mixed fisheriesAbstract for Theme Session F_ DSF application in West Coast of Scotland_FinalKåre Nolde Nielsen424F25/08/2016 09:36
Abstract ICES 2016 Seal-Fisheries_MTTBB-mw.pdfSeal-fisheries interactions in the Baltic ProperAbstract ICES 2016 Seal-Fisheries_MTTBB-mwDavid Costalago425F25/08/2016 09:36
Abstract ICES ASC 2016_Session F_Otto et al.pdfLessons learned: Successes and pitfalls in IEA methodsAbstract ICES ASC 2016_Session F_Otto et alSaskia A. Otto427F25/08/2016 09:36
Abstract ICES ASC-Session F-GLambert.pdfEvidence-based and industry-driven ecosystem management approach of a dynamic scallop fishing groundAbstract ICES ASC-Session F-GLambertG. Lambert428F25/08/2016 09:36
Abstract_SSSoomai_2016.pdfUnderstanding the pathways and roles of scientific information: A critical step in operationalizing ecosystem-based fisheries management (EBFM)Abstract_SSSoomai_2016Suzuette S. Soomai432F25/08/2016 09:36
Abstract_ThemeSessionF_HERNVANN.pdfTrophic modeling for integrated ecosystem assessment: from diagnosis to ecosystem-based advice for fisheries managementAbstract_ThemeSessionF_HERNVANNHernvann, Pierre-Yves.,433F25/08/2016 09:36
Andonegi-and-Prellezo-SessionF.pdfMaking the Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management operational for management support in the Bay of Biscay: analyzing the effects of the implementation of the Landing Obligation at an ecosystem level.Andonegi-and-Prellezo-SessionFEider Andonegi382F25/08/2016 09:36
CSP_fisheries_mediation_poster for ICES AP.pdfThe Celtic Seas PartnershipCSP_fisheries_mediation_poster for ICES APPenny Wilson542F01/09/2016 11:36
DPedreschi ICES CM 2016_F.pdfODEMM in the Celtic Seas: a qualitative IEA with decision support toolsDPedreschi ICES CM 2016_FDebbi Pedreschi384F25/08/2016 09:36
elvarsson2016.pdfExploring the effects of different management scenarios for the Icelandic gadoid fisheryelvarsson2016Bjarki Þór Elvarsson385F25/08/2016 09:36
ErlaSturludottirICES2016.pdfIntegrated ecosystem model of Icelandic watersErlaSturludottirICES2016Erla Sturludottir386F25/08/2016 09:36
ICES 2016 F226 poster.pdfManaging fisheries in the context of an integrated marine policy: the importance of spatial issuesICES 2016 F226 posterPierre Petitgas626F16/09/2016 11:47
ICES 2016 Yeemin et al.pdfAssessing parrotfish abundance and implications for coral recovery and fishery management in the Gulf of ThailandICES 2016 Yeemin et alThamasak Yeemin387F25/08/2016 09:36
ICES 2016_F_mballesteros et al.pdfSearching for the name of the game: stakeholders engagement in the implementation of the EBFM in the European UnionICES 2016_F_mballesteros et alMarta Ballesteros388F25/08/2016 09:36
ICES ASC 2016 Bauer et al_F192.pdfSpatio–temporal effects of environmental drivers and fishing in a Baltic Sea ecosystemICES ASC 2016 Bauer et al_F192Barbara Bauer537F01/09/2016 10:26
ICES ASC 2016 F or R Alexander Holdgate and Melania Borit.pdfCharacteristics of Modelling Fisheries as Socio-Ecological Complex Adaptive SystemsICES ASC 2016 F or R Alexander Holdgate and Melania BoritAlexander Holdgate389F25/08/2016 09:36
ICES ASC Abstract_KHART 2016.pdfThe future of Baltic salmon: using participatory modelling to predict the effects of climate change on salmon and adapt new goals and management strategiesICES ASC Abstract_KHART 2016Kelsey Hartikainen390F25/08/2016 09:36
ICES CM 2016 F Howell et al.pdfSYMBIOSES: a practical risk management tool to integrate fisheries and hydrocarbon activities in the Lofotens and Barents Sea, NorwayICES CM 2016 F Howell et alDaniel Howell391F25/08/2016 09:36
ICES CM 2016 Theme session F.pdfA response to the challenge of including the human dimension in integrated ecosystem assessment – Baltic salmon and clupeid examplesICES CM 2016 Theme session FPäivi Haapasaari393F25/08/2016 09:36
ICES CM 2016_F_assessment.pdf50 shades of grey – The colours of ICES stock assessmentsICES CM 2016_F_assessmentRüdiger Voss394F25/08/2016 09:36
ICES CM 2016-F Abstract Submission Ixai Salvo.pdfMeasuring good fisheries governance: Indicators, tools and stakeholdersICES CM 2016-F Abstract Submission Ixai SalvoIxai Salvo396F25/08/2016 09:36
ICES CM 2016F_Beggs.pdfIntegrated Ecosystem Assessment in support of ecosystem based fisheries management in the Irish Sea - a case study with cod (Gadus morhua).ICES CM 2016F_BeggsS.E. Beggs397F25/08/2016 09:36
ICES CM 2016-F_Llope_abstract.pdfIs the Gulf of Cadiz ready for the ecosystem approach? A perspective from the southernmost European Atlantic regional seaICES CM 2016-F_Llope_abstractMarcos Llope398F25/08/2016 09:36
ICES CM Session F Lindegren.pdfA trait-based assessment towards understanding long-term changes in ecosystem functioning: the Central Baltic Sea as a case studyICES CM Session F LindegrenMartin Lindegren399F25/08/2016 09:36
ICES F_Kasatkina.pdfEstimating fishery dynamic and its relation to changing environments to support ecosystem-based fisheries managementICES F_KasatkinaKasatkina S.400F25/08/2016 09:34
ICES Final.pdfStochastic Multi-species model for fish stock assessment in the Celtic seaICES FinalJonathan Rault401F25/08/2016 09:34
ICES_2016_Abstract_Kilborn_et_al_ELRADT.pdfAn ecosystem-level redundancy analysis decision t ool to inform the integrated ecosystem assessment indicator selection processICES_2016_Abstract_Kilborn_et_al_ELRADTJoshua P Kilborn402F25/08/2016 09:34
ICES_2016_Bourdaud_et_al_F.pdfDetermining seasonal target species assemblages of bottom otter trawlers from fishing effort and commercial species distributionsICES_2016_Bourdaud_et_al_FPierre Bourdaud403F25/08/2016 09:34
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