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ICES ASC 2016 abstracts
abstract2.pdfWhat would happen if we were to stop fishing in the North Sea? A model ensemble approachabstract2Michael A. Spence438E25/08/2016 09:47
Francis ICES ASC 2016 abstract.pdfA multi-model approach to incorporating traditional ecological knowledge and human dimensions into Pacific herring management: an Ocean Modeling Forum case studyFrancis ICES ASC 2016 abstractTessa B Francis439E25/08/2016 09:47
Holsman_SessionE_2016_abstract.pdfThe collective story: communicating results of divergent projections under climate changeHolsman_SessionE_2016_abstractKirstin Holsman440E25/08/2016 09:51
ICES2016_SessionE_abstract_Walsh.pdfPerformance of catch-only models and ensembles at providing management guidance for unassessed data-limited fish stocksICES2016_SessionE_abstract_WalshJessica C. Walsh435E25/08/2016 09:52
tsE-jardimetal2.pdfUsing multi models to design multi-annual management plans. The experience of the North Sea and European Western WaterstsE-jardimetal2Ernesto Jardim436E25/08/2016 09:52
Weston ICES CM 2016 E.pdfIdentifying robust approaches for projecting North Pacific groundfish population dynamics using multiple models for linkages between recruitment and the environmentWeston ICES CM 2016 EAshley E. Weston437E25/08/2016 09:52