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ICES ASC 2016 abstracts
20160428 - Sheehan et al - SUBMITTED.pdfChanging trophic structure and energy dynamics in the Northwest Atlantic influences Atlantic salmon abundance20160428 - Sheehan et al - SUBMITTEDTimothy F. Sheehan455D25/08/2016 09:59
4-Atlantic salmon_2016.pdfMitigating the impact of hydropower plants on diadromous species: Latvenergo AS (Latvia) experience4-Atlantic salmon_2016Latvenergo AS535D01/09/2016 10:17
Abstract Summer Flounder.pdfIs it too hot for Summer? Identifying the impact of spatial oceanographic anomalies (sea surface temperature) on the Summer flounder (Paralichthys dentatus) in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic BightAbstract Summer FlounderSamar Deen456D25/08/2016 09:59
Abstract_ICES_ASC_v2.pdfSpatially-resolved influence of temperature and salinity on stock and recruitment variability of commercially important fishes in the North SeaAbstract_ICES_ASC_v2Anna Akimova457D25/08/2016 09:59
Abstract_ICESCM2016D_Olmos.pdfA Bayesian life cycle model to unravel changes in the marine productivity of Atlantic salmon population in the North Atlantic OceanAbstract_ICESCM2016D_OlmosM. Olmos458D25/08/2016 09:59
AbstractICESCM2016D_Massiot-Granier.pdfMeta-analysis of freshwater productivity: a contribution to the modeling of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) population dynamics at the scale of stock complexesAbstractICESCM2016D_Massiot-GranierF. Massiot-Granier459D25/08/2016 10:01
Adams G ICES abstract v2.pdfEnvironmentally-driven fluctuations in condition factor of adult Gulf Menhaden (Brevoortia patronus) in the northern Gulf of MexicoAdams G ICES abstract v2Grant D. Adams460D25/08/2016 09:59
Doniol-Valcroze_ICES2016_ThemeSessionD.pdfIntegrating the effects of environmental variability in models of population dynamics of Atlantic herring stocks in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, CanadaDoniol-Valcroze_ICES2016_ThemeSessionDThomas Doniol-Valcroze462D25/08/2016 09:59
draft_v01.pdfMultispecies modelling with correlated Gaussian processes priorsdraft_v01Marcelo Hartmann463D25/08/2016 09:59
Gregory ICESASC2016 SmoltSizeSurvival.pdfLength of Atlantic salmon smolt and their subsequent marine survivalGregory ICESASC2016 SmoltSizeSurvivalStephen Gregory464D25/08/2016 10:00
ICES CM 2016 abstract submission.pdfMarine protected areas limit the spread of the invasive tunicate Didemnum vexillum on Atlantic sea scallop Placopecten magellanicus habitat on Georges BankICES CM 2016 abstract submissionKatherine Kaplan466D25/08/2016 09:59
ICES CM 2016 BD AJ Final.pdfGoing with the flow: Employing network analysis to explore Northeast US shelf ecosystem consequences of alternative anadromous forage biomass scenarios.ICES CM 2016 BD AJ FinalBeatriz S. Dias467D25/08/2016 09:59
ICES CM 2016 Jordaan 1.pdfEcological and management implications of climate change induced shifts in phenology of coastal fish and wildlife species in the Northeast regionICES CM 2016 Jordaan 1A. Jordaan468D25/08/2016 09:59
ICES CM 2016 Jordaan 2.pdfWhat four years of ecosystem modeling using historical data has told us about changes to the northwestern Atlantic ecosystemICES CM 2016 Jordaan 2A. Jordaan469D25/08/2016 09:59
ICES CM 2016_Abstract_F.pdfPredatory impact on Patagonian squid after sudden range expansion of Argentine squidICES CM 2016_Abstract_FAlexander Arkhipkin441D25/08/2016 09:59
ICES CM2016.D Durant.pdfEffect of juvenile distribution and environment on Northeast Arctic haddockICES CM2016.D DurantJoël M. Durant442D25/08/2016 09:59
ICES CM2016.pdfSea trout (Salmo trutta L.) restocking in LatviaICES CM2016Ilze Rutkovska443D25/08/2016 09:59
ICES CM2016_MEDNE.pdfSmoltification hormone level changes in Salmons subjected for restocking in LatviaICES CM2016_MEDNERuta Medne444D25/08/2016 09:59
ICES EPI.pdfDevelopment and application of a generic method to assess species exploratory potential under climate change: focus on the exploration phase of anadromous fishICES EPIFelix Massiot-Granier445D25/08/2016 09:59
ICES_2016_ClimateUpside_TEM_mjb.pdfAdaptive fishery management strategies under climate changeICES_2016_ClimateUpside_TEM_mjbChris Costello446D25/08/2016 09:59
ICES_abstract_maureaud.pdfHuman-induced changes in the functioning of marine food webs: towards less productive and more unstable ecosystems?ICES_abstract_maureaudAurore Maureaud447D25/08/2016 09:59
ICES2016_ecosystem change overview.pdfImpacts of climate and ecosystem change on fish and fisheries in the Northwest AtlanticICES2016_ecosystem change overviewKatherine E. Mills448D12/09/2016 16:12
ICES2016_size and growth.pdfClimate and ecosystem influences on fish body size and growthICES2016_size and growthKatherine E. Mills449D25/08/2016 09:59
Kritzer et al. ICES ASC 2016 abstract.pdfUnderstanding and adapting to effects of climate change on groundfish stocks and stock assessmentsKritzer et al. ICES ASC 2016 abstractJ. Kritzer450D25/08/2016 09:59
ndividual trajectories and population dynamics shape life history of Atlantic salmon.pdfIndividual trajectories and population dynamics shape life history of Atlantic salmonndividual trajectories and population dynamics shape life history of Atlantic salmonCatalina Chaparro536D01/09/2016 10:20
Ottersen abstract D.pdfEnvironmental impacts on the marine ecosystems of the North Sea, highlights from a new book chapterOttersen abstract DGeir Ottersen451D25/08/2016 09:59
PershingICESAbstract.pdfImpact of rapid warming on cod stocks in the Gulf of MainePershingICESAbstractAndrew J. Pershing452D25/08/2016 09:59
Richards et al 2016 ICES ASC.pdfEcosystem effects on productivity of northern shrimp in the Gulf of Maine: hypotheses for a population collapseRichards et al 2016 ICES ASCAnne Richards453D25/08/2016 09:59
Torre Abstract.pdfBioclimate envelope model to evaluate impacts of climate change on Placopecten magellanicus in the Gulf of MaineTorre AbstractMike Torre454D25/08/2016 09:59