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ICES ASC 2016 abstracts
Abstarct theme session C Neuenfeldt et al.pdfFeeding and growth potential of Atlantic cod in the Baltic Sea in the wake of climate changeAbstarct theme session C Neuenfeldt et alStefan Neuenfeldt513C25/08/2016 10:52
Abstract ICES 2016 PECUCHET 1.pdfFrom traits to life history strategies: deconstructing fish community composition in European SeasAbstract ICES 2016 PECUCHET 1Laurene Pecuchet514C25/08/2016 10:52
Abstract ICES CM 2016 session C.pdfSpatio-temporal changes in life-history traits of the North Sea fish community under climate change and fishingAbstract ICES CM 2016 session CEsther Beukhof516C25/08/2016 10:52
Abstract Pablo Brosset Session C.pdfBody reserves mediate trade-offs between life history traits: new insights in small pelagic fish reproductionAbstract Pablo Brosset Session CPablo Brosset517C25/08/2016 10:52
Abstract SaraFrancisco -ASC2016.pdfEffects of life-history and fishing pressure on the genetic structure and effective population size through time: a tale on two coastal marine speciesAbstract SaraFrancisco -ASC2016Sara M Francisco518C25/08/2016 10:52
Abstract_ICES_2016.pdfThe molecular mechanisms of fisheries-induced evolutionAbstract_ICES_2016Silva Uusi-Heikkilä519C25/08/2016 10:52
abstract_ices_2016_v2.pdfEcosystem responses to changes in life-history parameters of key species in the Barents Seaabstract_ices_2016_v2Cecilie Hansen520C25/08/2016 10:52
Abstract_ICES_Dolly Varden Life History Howland.pdfDecoupling of otolith and somatic growth during migration of northern form Dolly Varden (Salvelinus malma malma)Abstract_ICES_Dolly Varden Life History HowlandKimberly L. Howland521C16/09/2016 10:41
abstract-ICES2016.pdfPopulation differentiation and life history diversification: rapid and small scale?abstract-ICES2016Leif Asbjørn Vøllestad523C25/08/2016 10:52
asc_16_plikshs_moellmann.pdfPhenological responses to climate and fishing – changes in maturation cycles and spawning time in a depleted cod populationasc_16_plikshs_moellmannMaris Plikshs524C25/08/2016 10:52
Cutlassfish_LH_abstract ICES.pdfExploring adaptive and plastic variability in growth and maturation for the cutlassfish Trichiurus japonicus in subtropical PacificCutlassfish_LH_abstract ICESHui-Yu Wang526C25/08/2016 10:52
Egle Jakubaviciute_poster_ICES2016.pdfSeasonal dynamics in the diet of pelagic fish species in the western Baltic Sea: are three-spined sticklebacks important food competitors for sprat and herring?Egle Jakubaviciute_poster_ICES2016Eglė Jakubavičiūtė527C25/08/2016 10:52
Frainer et al ICES.pdfHow is ecosystem function in the Barents Sea responding to a warming Arctic?Frainer et al ICESAndré Frainer531C25/08/2016 11:15
Harkonen_Abstract.pdfAngling-induced selection mediated by fish behaviour – implications for reproductive potential in Eurasian perch (Perca fluviatilis)Harkonen_AbstractLaura Härkönen528C25/08/2016 10:52
Hart CM 2016 - Session C.pdfA long-term perspective of the role and relevance of life-history questions in fisheries researchHart CM 2016 - Session CPaul J. B. Hart529C25/08/2016 10:53
Hyder et al  C-BASS abstract.pdfCan individual-based models of European seabass provide useful insights into the management of the European seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax)?Hyder et al C-BASS abstractKieran Hyder486C25/08/2016 10:52
ICES 2016 ASC abstract - Rob van Gemert.pdfLate-in-life density-dependence: catching smaller fish for higher yieldsICES 2016 ASC abstract - Rob van GemertRob van Gemert487C25/08/2016 10:53
ICES 2016 C287 poster.pdfHabitat selection and phenotypic diversity in the anchovy of the Bay of BiscayICES 2016 C287 posterPierre Petitgas625C16/09/2016 11:45
ICES 2016 poster LFärber et al.pdfTicket to spawn: Using economic data to shed light on biological hypothesisICES 2016 poster LFärber et alLeonie Färber488C01/09/2016 10:12
ICES abstract 2016 Christopher Monk.pdfFisheries-induced selection on fish personality traits – encountering the gear is a necessary, yet insufficient, condition for determining vulnerability to angling in three freshwater fish species in the wild ICES abstract 2016 Christopher MonkChristopher T. Monk489C25/08/2016 10:53
ICES CM 2016 abstract_Rideout ver2.pdfUsing maturity data to determine the suitability of the timing of the Atlantic cod spawning closure in NAFO Subdivision 3PsICES CM 2016 abstract_Rideout ver2R. M. Rideout491C25/08/2016 10:53
ICES CM 2016 C rita vasconcelos.pdfHigher vulnerability and lower resilience of fish in estuaries worldwide matches higher exposure to human threatsICES CM 2016 C rita vasconcelosSofia Henriques492C25/08/2016 10:53
ICES conference poster R.Boyd.pdfHow are pelagic fish populations impacted by food availability? An Individual-Based Modelling approachICES conference poster R.BoydRob Boyd 617C12/09/2016 13:58
ICES Symposium Talk Riga 2016.pdfLife-history correlates of depensation in marine fishesICES Symposium Talk Riga 2016Jefffrey A. Hutchings493C25/08/2016 10:53
ICES_2016.pdfWhat can we learn about changes in coastal food web structure after the round goby invasion?ICES_2016Artūras Skabeikis495C25/08/2016 10:53
ices_2016_C.pdfAssessing fishery and ecological consequences of alternate management options for multispecies fisheries using an ensemble approachices_2016_CRobert B. Thorpe496C25/08/2016 10:53
ICES_ASC2016Abstract_Langangen.pdfMulti-decadal changes in spawning ground use in Northeast Arctic haddock: Climate or harvest induced?ICES_ASC2016Abstract_LangangenØystein Langangen497C25/08/2016 10:53
ICES2016.pdfPopulation dynamic models based on individual energy budgets lead to counterintuitive fisheries predictionsICES2016André M. de Roos499C25/08/2016 11:04
ICES2016_conference_abstract.pdfExploring fish community stability in time and space using Taylor’s LawICES2016_conference_abstractMatthew R. D. Cobain500C25/08/2016 11:04
ICES2016Abstract.pdfThe relative impacts of early life conditions and maternal size effects in determining average fitness and population growth of pikeICES2016AbstractYngvild Vindenes501C25/08/2016 11:05
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