Name Type Country
Name Type Country
Sarah GaichasMemberUnited States
Geret DePiperChairUnited States
Andrew ApplegateChair-invited MemberUnited States
Jamie TamChair-invited MemberCanada
Richard BellChair-invited MemberUnited States
charles PerrettiChair-invited MemberUnited States
Richard BellChair-invited MemberUnited States
Nadine TemplemannChair-invited MemberCanada
Jason LinkChair-invited MemberUnited States
Rebecca ShufordChair-invited MemberUnited States
Alida BundyChair-invited MemberCanada
Patricia M. ClayChair-invited MemberUnited States
Paula FratantoniChair-invited MemberUnited States
Robert GambleChair-invited MemberUnited States
Michael FogartyChair-invited MemberUnited States
Kevin FriedlandChair-invited MemberUnited States
Vincent SabaChair-invited MemberUnited States
Nancy Louise ShackellChair-invited MemberCanada
Jonathan FisherChair-invited MemberCanada
James GartlandChair-invited MemberUnited States
Michael A. St JohnChair-invited MemberDenmark
Sean Bennett HardisonChair-invited MemberUnited States
Scott LargeChair-invited MemberUnited States
Jennifer JanesChair-invited MemberCanada
Steven CadrinMemberUnited States
Jonathan A. HareMemberUnited States
Pierre PepinMemberCanada
Sean LuceyMemberUnited States
John MandersonMemberUnited States
Jamie CournaneMemberUnited States
Mariano Koen-AlonsoMemberCanada
Fredric SerchukMemberUnited States
Patricia Pinto da SilvaMemberUnited States
Gavin FayChair-invited MemberUnited States
St├ęphane PlourdeMemberCanada
Guoqi HanMemberCanada
Laurel SmithChair-invited MemberUnited States
Melissa AbbottChair-invited MemberCanada
Fred PhelanChair-invited MemberCanada
Robert WildermuthChair-invited MemberUnited States
Sigrid KuehnemundChair-invited MemberCanada
Robert GregoryChairCanada
Robin AndersonChair-invited MemberCanada
Kate DalleyChair-invited MemberCanada
Catalina GomezChair-invited MemberCanada
Danielle DempseyChair-invited MemberCanada
Brandon MuffleyChair-invited MemberUnited States
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