Name Type Country
Name Type Country
Morten D. SkogenChair-invited MemberNorway
Maciej TomczakChair-invited MemberSweden
Andrea BelgranoMemberSweden
Callum ScougalChair-invited MemberUnited Kingdom
Freya GoodsirChair-invited MemberUnited Kingdom
Eva GarnachoChair-invited MemberUnited Kingdom
Erik OlsenChairNorway
Christian MöllmannMemberGermany
Johannes PatschChair-invited MemberGermany
Cecilie KvammeChair-invited MemberNorway
Valerio BartolinoMemberSweden
Ana Rita FragaChair-invited MemberPortugal
Mark PayneChair-invited MemberDenmark
Daniel WoodChair-invited MemberUnited Kingdom
Hiroko SolvangChair-invited MemberNorway
Matilda ValmanMemberSweden
Eva-Lotta SundbladChair-invited MemberSweden
Hein Rune SkjoldalMemberNorway
Andrew KennyChairUnited Kingdom
David JohnsChair-invited MemberUnited Kingdom
Rabea DiekmannMemberGermany
Jens FloeterMemberGermany
Gerjan PietMemberNetherlands
Håkan WennhageMemberSweden
Marcos LlopeMemberSpain
Myron PeckChair-invited MemberGermany
Marc HufnaglChair-invited MemberGermany
Axel TemmingChair-invited MemberGermany
Saskia OttoChair-invited MemberGermany
Justus van BeusekomChair-invited MemberGermany
Hermann NeumannChair-invited MemberGermany
Vanessa StelzenmullerMemberGermany
Anna AkimovaMemberGermany
Alexander KempfMemberGermany
Anne SellChair-invited MemberGermany
Heino FockChair-invited MemberGermany
Jörn SchmidtChair-invited MemberGermany
Frank-Detlef BockelmannChair-invited MemberGermany
Corinna SchrumChair-invited MemberNorway
Joachim GrögerMemberGermany
Wolfgang Nikolaus ProbstMemberGermany
Christopher LynamMemberUnited Kingdom
David ReidChair-invited MemberIreland
Pierre HelaouëtChair-invited MemberUnited Kingdom
Adrian JuddChair-invited MemberUnited Kingdom
Santiago AlvarezChair-invited MemberNetherlands
Cecilie HansenChair-invited MemberNorway
Richard NashChair-invited MemberUnited Kingdom
Jennifer DevineChair-invited MemberNorway
Jon Egil SkjæraasenChair-invited MemberNorway
Tone FalkenhaugMemberNorway
Stuart LarsenMemberNorway
Jon AlbretsenMemberNorway
Jesper StageChair-invited MemberSweden
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