Name Type Country
Name Type Country
Elena EriksenChairNorway
Anatolii FilinChairRussian Federation
Kjell NedreaasChair-invited MemberNorway
Bjørn Einar GrøsvikChair-invited MemberNorway
Denis ZakharovChair-invited MemberRussian Federation
Raul PrimicerioMemberNorway
Per FauchaldMemberNorway
Dmitry ProzorkevichMemberRussian Federation
Bjarte BogstadMemberNorway
Padmini DalpadadoMemberNorway
Elena EriksenMemberNorway
Randi IngvaldsenMemberNorway
Cecilie KvammeMemberNorway
Mette Skern-MauritzenMemberNorway
Georg SkaretMemberNorway
Hein Rune SkjoldalMemberNorway
Jan Erik StiansenMemberNorway
Maria FossheimMemberNorway
Anatolii FilinMemberRussian Federation
Andrey DolgovMemberRussian Federation
Alexander TrofimovMemberRussian Federation
Daniel HowellChair-invited MemberNorway
Lis Lindal JørgensenChair-invited MemberNorway
Daniel HowellMemberNorway
Edda JohannesenMemberNorway
Espen BagøienMemberNorway
Gro I. van der MeerenChair-invited MemberNorway
Lis Lindal JørgensenMemberNorway
Vidar LienMemberNorway
Yuri A. KovalevMemberRussian Federation
Aleksei RusskikhMemberRussian Federation
Anatolii ChetyrkinMemberRussian Federation
Natalia StrelkovaMemberRussian Federation
Tatiana ProkhorovaMemberRussian Federation
Roman KlepikovskiyMemberRussian Federation
Alexander BenzikMemberRussian Federation
Andrey ZhilinChair-invited MemberRussian Federation
Oleg TitovChair-invited MemberRussian Federation
Mikhail NovikovChair-invited MemberRussian Federation
Elvar Halldor HallfredssonMemberNorway
Per ArnebergChair-invited MemberNorway
Harald GjøsæterChair-invited MemberNorway
Hilde Elise HeldalChair-invited MemberNorway
Irina ProkopchukChair-invited MemberRussian Federation
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