Name Type Country
Name Type Country
Myron PeckChair (ICES)Germany
Brian R. MacKenzieMember (ICES)Denmark
Gianluca SaraChair-invited Member (ICES)Italy
Manuel BarangeMember (ICES)Italy
John K. PinnegarChair (ICES)United Kingdom
Elizabeth NorthChair-invited Member (ICES)United States
Mark PayneChair-invited Member (ICES)Denmark
William W.L. CheungChair-invited Member (ICES)Canada
Anne B. HollowedChair-invited Member (PICES)United States
Jacquelynne R. KingChair (PICES)Canada
Chuanxin QinMember (PICES)China
Jinhui WangMember (PICES)China
Hiroshi KurodaMember (PICES)Japan
J├╝rgen AlheitMember (ICES)Germany
Ken F. DrinkwaterChair-invited Member (ICES)Norway
Jason HoltMember (ICES)United Kingdom
Svein SundbyChair-invited Member (ICES)Norway
Michael G. ForemanMember (PICES)Canada
Guimei LiuMember (PICES)China
Xiujuan ShanMember (PICES)China
Xuelei ZhangMember (PICES)China
Motomitsu TakahashiMember (PICES)Japan
Sukgeun JungMember (PICES)Korea, Republic Of
Sukyung KangMember (PICES)Korea, Republic Of
Yury I. ZuenkoMember (PICES)Russian Federation
Franz J. MueterMember (PICES)United States
Cisco WernerMember (PICES)United States
Suam KimMember (PICES)Korea, Republic Of
Shin-ichi ItoChair (PICES)Japan
Nancy Louise ShackellChair-invited Member (ICES)Canada
Angelica PenaMember (PICES)Canada
Valerio BartolinoChair-invited Member (ICES)Sweden
Mikael van DeursChair-invited Member (ICES)Denmark
Randi IngvaldsenChair-invited Member (ICES)Norway
Vincent SabaMember (ICES)United States
Kirstin HolsmanChair-invited Member (PICES)United States
Alan HaynieChair-invited Member (PICES)United States
Phoebe Woodworth-JefcoatsChair-invited Member (PICES)United States
Morten D. SkogenChair-invited Member (ICES)Norway
Cecilie HansenChair-invited Member (ICES)Norway
Benjamin PlanqueChair-invited Member (ICES)Norway
Eugene NixonMember (ICES)Ireland
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