List of ICES ID Leaflets for Diseases and Parasites of Fish and Shellfish

​​The series is regularly updated with new and revised leaflets, with an emphasis on new or emerging disease conditions.​​

The list of ID Leaflets published thus far describe diseases that occur in fish and molluscs, complemented with a handful of other taxa (i.e. crustacean, marine mammal). The main focus of most leaflets are diseases caused by bacteria and protozoa, followed by diseases caused by vira and nematodes.

​1Papillomatosis of eels​​Peters, N. and Peters, G.​1984
​2Lymphocystis disease of fish ​Hill, B. J.​​1984
​3​Ichthyophonus, a systemic mesomycetozoan pathogen of fish​Revised by Jones, S. R. M.​2013
​4​Coccidiosis of the liver of blue whiting​​MacKenzie, K.​​1984
​5​Digestive tract microsporidiosis of flatfish​Van Banning, P.​1984
​6​Cranial myxosporidiosis of fishes​Van Banning, P.​1984
​7​Pseudoterranova larvae (“codworm”; Nematoda) in fish​Revised by Longshaw, M.​2012
8​​​Revised by Longshaw, M.​2012
​9​Phocascaris/Contracaecum larvae (Nematoda) in fish
Smith, J. W. and
Wootten, R.
​Larval paragnathiosis of mullets​​Menezes, J.​1984
​11Haematopoietic neoplasm in the blue mussel (Replaced by No. 67)​Alderman, D. J. and
Green, M.
​12​Haematopoietic neoplasm in the flat oyster (Replaced by No. 67)​Balouet, G.​1985
​13​Portuguese oyster virosis​Comps, M.​1985
​14​Rickettsial infection of the flat oyster​Comps, M.​1985
​15Rickettsial disease of Donax trunculus​Comps, M.​1985
16​​Shell disease of oysters​Alderman, D. J.​1985
​17Minchinia armoricana disease of the flat oyster​Van Banning, P.​1985
​18Haemocytic disease of the flat oyster​Comps, M. ​​1985
19​​Marteiliosis of oysters caused by Marteilia refringens​Revised by Renault, T. and Ford, S. E.​2012
​20Mytilicola orientalis Mori, parasitism​Grizel, H.​1985
​21Bacterial kidney disease​​Revised by Bruno, D.W. ​2015
​22Viral erythrocytic necrosis​Newman, M.​1985
​23Gill disease​Comps, M.​​1985
​24Mytilicola intestinalis, parasitism​Revised and updated by John P. Bignell​2016
​25Viral gametocyte hypertrophy in oysters​Austin Farley, C.​1985
​26​Salmon lice, Lepeophtheirus salmonis​Egidius, E.​1985
​27​Vibriosis in saithe​Egidius, E.​​1985
28​Milk or cotton disease of shrimps​Van Banning, P.​1985
​29​Vibriosis in cultured salmonids​​Baudin Laurencin F., and 
Egidius, E.
30​Dermo disease of oysters caused by Perkinsus marinus
​Revised by Ford, S. E.​2011
​​31 ​ ​ ​Bacterial shell disease of crustaceans​Austin, B. and 
Alderman, D. J.
​32​Fungal shell disease of crustaceans​​Alderman, D. J.​1987
33Epidermal papilloma of dab
Watermann, B., Dethlefsen, V., and Mellergaard, S.
34​Connective tissue inflammation in dab​Watermann, B.​1987
​35Ulcus syndrome in cod​Christensen, N. O.​1987
​36​Spring ulcer disease in eels​​Dalsgaard, I.​1987
​37​Furunculosis​Revised by Bruno, D. W. ​2015
​38​MSX disease of oysters caused by Haplosporidium nelsoni ​Revised by Ford, S. E.​2010
​39SSO disease of oysters caused by Haplosporidium costale ​Revised by Ford, S. E.​2011
​40​​Pasteurella disease of striped bass​Newman, M. W.​1987
​41Granulomatous hypertyrosonaemia​Baudin-Laurencin, F. 
and Messager, J. L.
​42Infection with Exophiala salmonis​Revised and updated by D. W. Bruno​​2016
Eye-maggot (Lernaeenicus sprattae) and body-maggot (L. encrasicoli) of the sprat 
​Schram, T. A.​1991
​44Hysterothylacium aduncum (Nematoda) in fish​Berland, B.​1991
​45​Muscle myxosporidiosis of Pacific salmon​Declerk, D.​1991
​46​Buccal granulomatosis of smelt​Möller, H. and Anders, K.​1991
​47Spawning papillomatosis of smelt​Anders, K. and Möller, H.​1991
​48​Swimbladder nematode (Anguillicola crassus) in the European eel  (Anguilla anguilla)​Van Banning, P.​1991
​49Aporocotyle simplex, a blood fluke in flatfish​Thulin, J.​1991
​50Vibriosis in sea bass​​Breuil, G.​​1991
​51​Stephanostomum tenue in marine aquaculture of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)​McGladdery, S. E. ​1999
Gaffkemia, a bacterial disease of lobsters: Genus Homarus​

​Stewart, J. E. and 
Marks, L. J. 
Diplostomum spathaceum larvae (Diplostomosis) (Digenea) in fish
​Höglund, J.​1999
​54​Pasteurellosis​Romalde, J. L., Magariños, B., and Toranzo, A. E.​1999
​Santos, Y, Pazos, F., and Barja, J. L.
​56​Streptococcosis of marine fish​
​Romalde, J. L. 
and Toranzo, A. E.
​57​Roseovarius Oyster Disease (ROD) caused by Roseovarius crassostreae​Ford, S. E.​2011
​58Heart and skeletal muscle inflammation (HSMI) of farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) and the associated Piscine reovirus (PRV)​Biering, E., and 
Garseth, Å. H.
​59​Piscine myocarditis (cardiomyopathy syndro​me)​Bruno, D.​2013
Amoebic gill disease (AGD) of farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)​

​Ruane, N. M. and 
Jones, S. R. M. 
​61​Liver tumours in flatfish​Feist, S. W. and Lang, Thomas​2014
​62​Hyperpigmentation of common dab (Limanda limanda L.)​Lang, T., Feist, S. W., Noguera, P. A., and Bruno, D.​2015
​63​Pseudomoniasis (P. anguilliseptica) in farmed fish​Vennerström, P.​2015
​64Francisellosis of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.)​Alfjorden, A. and 
Ruane, N.
65​Brown ring disease: a vibriosis affecting clams Ruditapes philippinarum and R. decussatus​Christine Paillard​2017
​66​Bonamiosis of oysters caused by Bonamia exitiosa​Ryan B. Carnegie​2017
​67​Disseminated neoplasms in bivalves​Revised by Tristan Renault and Susan Ford​2017
​Stephen W. Feist and David Bass​2017
​Simon R. M. Jones
Tenacibaculum maritimum, causal agent of tenacibaculosis in marine fish
Revised by Simon R. M. Jones and Lone Madsen​​2019


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List of ICES ID Leaflets for Diseases and Parasites of Fish and Shellfish

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