Third report of the working group on pollution baseline and monitoring studies in the Oslo commission and ICNAF ares. (Charlottenlund 25-27 May 1977)8/13/2014 8:23 AMHenrik Larsen1977
Avoidance by herring of suspended sediment from dredge spoil dumping.8/13/2014 8:17 AMHenrik Larsen1977D.J. Wildish; A.J Wilson; H. Akagi
Uptake, retention and loss of cadium by crangon crangon8/13/2014 8:17 AMHenrik Larsen1977Volkert Dethlefsen
Oxygen depletion and mass mortalities of shellfish in the middle Atlantic bight of the United States in 19768/13/2014 8:17 AMHenrik Larsen1977Carl J. Sindermann; Frank W. Steimle
Recent data on possible associations of coastal-estuarine pollution with fish and shellfish diseases.8/13/2014 8:17 AMHenrik Larsen1977Carl J. Sindermann
A synopsis of diseases and disease control measures in United States marine aquaculture.8/13/2014 8:17 AMHenrik Larsen1977Carl J. Sindermann
A preliminary report on the ICES intercalibration of seawater samples for the analysis of trace metals.8/13/2014 8:17 AMHenrik Larsen1977P.G.W. Jones
The accumulation of arsenic by the plaice and Thornback bay - some preliminary observations.8/13/2014 8:17 AMHenrik Larsen1977R.J. Pentreath
Krill, Euphausia superba, and blue mussel, Mytilus edulis, as supplementary food in aquaculture experiments8/13/2014 8:17 AMHenrik Larsen1977Rudolf Van Thielen; Holger Grave
Spherical net cages - A pilot mariculture experiment in thermal effluents.8/13/2014 8:17 AMHenrik Larsen1977H. Grave
Distribution of some parasites and diseases of fishes from the north sea in febreuary 19778/13/2014 8:17 AMHenrik Larsen1977H. Möller
Hydrpcarbons in marine organisms and sediments off west Greenland8/13/2014 8:17 AMHenrik Larsen1977Poul Johansen; Vibeke B. Jensen; Arne Büchert
Replacement of fishmeal by krillmeal in experimental diets for rainbow trout.8/13/2014 8:17 AMHenrik Larsen1977H. Koops; K. Tiews; J. Gropp; H. Beck
Report of the third meeting of the ICES working group on mariculture8/13/2014 8:17 AMHenrik Larsen1977
Use of a water recycle system for culture of salmonids8/13/2014 8:18 AMHenrik Larsen1977Jeffrey B Sochasky; Richard L. Saunders; Eugene Henderson
Trace metal discharges to the north Atlantic from the St. Lawrence river.8/13/2014 8:17 AMHenrik Larsen1977J.W. Bewers; P.A. Yeats
Effects of oil on arctic marine organisms - A review of studies conducted by the Arctic biological station8/13/2014 8:18 AMHenrik Larsen1977J.A. Percy
Effect of ozone yellow substances accumulated in a recycling system for fish culture.8/13/2014 8:18 AMHenrik Larsen1977G. Otte; V. Hilge; H. Rosenthal
Site selection criteria for dumping grounds8/13/2014 8:17 AMHenrik Larsen1977H.W. Hill; J. Pawlak
A major outbreak of food poisoning associated with the comsumption of cockles (cardium edule)8/13/2014 8:18 AMHenrik Larsen1977P.A. Ayres
The introduction of non-indigenous organisms to tje ICES ares - progress report for the UK.8/13/2014 8:18 AMHenrik Larsen1977A. Franklin
Investigations made during the ekofish blow-out.8/13/2014 8:18 AMHenrik Larsen1977R.J. Law
Etude comparative des possibilites delevage larvaire de quelques poissons marins avec une souche doeufs dartenia salina de chypre8/13/2014 8:17 AMHenrik Larsen1977Jeanine Person-Le Ruyet; Annick Salaun
Information on production of marine sand and gravel in the ICNAF areas off the northeast coast of the United States8/13/2014 8:18 AMHenrik Larsen1977John B. Pearce
Report to the working group on pollution baseline and monitoring studies in the Oslo commission and ICNAF areas on heavy metals in selected finfish and shellfish form the northwest Atlantic.8/13/2014 8:18 AMHenrik Larsen1977John B. Pearce
Further observations of the atmospheric deposition of some heavy metals around the Firth of Forth8/13/2014 8:22 AMHenrik Larsen1977I M Davies
The use of the mussel, Mytilus edulis, as a bio-assay organism for mercury in sea watert8/13/2014 8:22 AMHenrik Larsen1977J M Pirie; I M Davies
Arsenic in fish and shellfish from Scottish waters8/13/2014 8:21 AMHenrik Larsen1977R J Shepherd; G Topping
Some observations on the mercury content of the North Atlantic halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus)8/13/2014 8:21 AMHenrik Larsen1977G Topping; WC Graham
Cholorinated hydrocarbons in seawater of the German bight and the Western Baltic8/13/2014 8:18 AMHenrik Larsen1977Dieter Stadler
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