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Working Group on Mixed Fisheries Advice Methodology


Record created 25/10/2021 | Last updated 25/10/2021
ICES Scientific Reports volume 3, issue 100


The ICES Working Group on Mixed Fisheries Methodology (WGMIXFISH-METHODS) met to progress work on the improvement and development of the mixed fisheries advice. In this report the group provides a summary of the work completed in 2021. Work continued on the full review and documentation of the mixed fisheries advice production process, including workflows, code repositories, stock annexes, data, and associated documen-tation for all advice regions. Working group participants responded to the outcomes and issues encountered during WGMIXFISH-Advice 2020 for Bay of Biscay, Celtic Sea, Iberian Waters, and North Sea. A full list of issues and solutions were collated and discussed during the meeting. Additionally, work con-tinued on the development of mixed fisheries advice for on the Irish Sea. The working group responded to the outcomes of the Scoping workshop on next generation of mixed fisheries advice (WKMIXFISH 2020), identifying timelines and requirements to meet the growing needs for mixed fisheries advice. To support these growing needs the group members presented and discussed new techniques in the field of mixed fisheries.