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ICES data outputs of EU request on how management scenarios to reduce mobile bottom fishing disturbance on seafloor habitats affect fisheries landing and value


Record created 24/06/2021 | Last updated 24/06/2021
Data outputs


The data product includes three folders: ## Regional assessments Regional assessments of fishing pressure and impact for 4 different (sub-)regions and 22 subdivisions using quality-controlled VMS data from the ICES 2019 data call. ## Interactive maps Five interactive maps and a Read-me pdf-file that explains the maps. 1: Illustration of core fishing ground, 2: Pressure and impact, 3: Illustration of MSFD protection – PD impact 4: Illustration of MSFD protection – L1 impact 5: Illustration of MSFD protection – unfished ## VMS aggregated fishing data A csv file and a polygon shapefile with categorized data on weight of landings (in kg), value of landings (in euro) and surface swept area ratio (all averaged for the period 2013-2018) per c-square for the Bay of Biscay and the Iberian Coast, Celtic Seas, Greater North Sea and Baltic Sea (sub-)region. The csv file contains information for all MBCG gears as well as for 10 different métier groupings (DRB_MOL, OT_CRU (including OT_MIX_CRU and OT_MIX_CRU_DMF), OT_DMF, OT_MIX (including OT_MIX_DMF_BEN and OT_MIX_DMF_PEL), OT_SPF, SDN_DMF, SSC_DMF, TBB_CRU, TBB_DMF, TBB_MOL). The data outputs ensure vessel anonymity through the estimation of a temporal average and the categorization of all surface SAR, value and weight data. The R-scripts, which produced the regional assessments and interactive maps are available on an open source platform: - Release v1.0 - EUTRADE advice release