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ICES Survey Protocols – Manual for Nephrops Underwater TV Surveys, coordinated under ICES Working Group on Nephrops Surveys (WGNEPS)

H. Dobby; J. Doyle; J. Jónasson; P. Jonsson; A. Leocádio; C. Lordan; A. Weetman; and K. Wieland

Record created 31/05/2021 | Last updated 31/05/2021
Times Issue 65


Underwater television (UWTV) surveys for Nephrops are considered to be independent of the diel and seasonal behavioural patterns that affect the availability of the species to standard fishing gear (trawl surveys); this therefore makes UWTV surveys unique in providing direct comparisons between years and fishing grounds. This survey protocol presents guidelines for carrying out a standardized UWTV survey, providing the principal fishery-independent information required to determine the stock status of and formulate advice on Nephrops stocks. This ensures that the potential benefits of the survey are realized.