Report on the international trawling survey for immature herring in the North Sea 19758/4/2014 9:16 AMHenrik Larsen1975A. Corten
Map8/4/2014 9:16 AMHenrik Larsen1975
Young herring surveys in the Irish Sea8/4/2014 9:16 AMHenrik Larsen1975J. Molloy; A. Corten
The abundance indices of young fish taken in the ICES young herring surveys in relation to recruitment to the north sea stock.8/4/2014 9:16 AMHenrik Larsen1975A.C. Burd; T.W. Boon
The distribution of eggs and larvae of some pelagic fish species in the central and southern north sea during june 19728/4/2014 9:16 AMHenrik Larsen1975P.O. Johnson; W.A. Dawson
An assessment of changes resulting from the use of nets with a sandeel mesh in the morth shields sprat fishery during the 1973-74 season8/4/2014 9:16 AMHenrik Larsen1975P.O. Johnson
Results of the 1975 acoustic surveys of the blue whiting to the west of Britain8/4/2014 9:16 AMHenrik Larsen1975M.G. Pawson; S.T. Forbes; J. Richards
Fishery and state of capelin stocks in the Barents sea8/4/2014 9:16 AMHenrik Larsen1975Seliverstov A.S.
The age composition of spawning population, the rate of sexual maturity and growth of herring of the 1969 year class in the Norwegian sea8/4/2014 9:16 AMHenrik Larsen1975Seliverstov A.S.
Mortality and optimal intensity in fishing for sprat in the north sea8/4/2014 9:16 AMHenrik Larsen1975G.P. Domashenko
Preliminary results of german investigations on blue whiting (micromesistius poutassou)8/4/2014 9:16 AMHenrik Larsen1975D. Sahrhage; R. Schone
Methodes et programmes franciais d echantillonnage du hareng de la mer du nord et des zones proches8/4/2014 9:16 AMHenrik Larsen1975Alain maucorps; Jacques masse
Premaere contribution a letude diologique du hareng du gulfe de gascogne8/4/2014 9:16 AMHenrik Larsen1975D. querault; J.L. avrilla
On catches of small herring larvic8/4/2014 9:16 AMHenrik Larsen1975R.J. Wood
Investigations on abundance and distridution of herring larvae in the northern north sea and adjacent waters in 19748/4/2014 9:16 AMHenrik Larsen1975Eka Hahlbeck
Estimates of tag extrusion and initial tagging mortality in an internal tagging experiment8/4/2014 9:16 AMHenrik Larsen1975G.H winters
Estimates of tag extrusion and initial tagging mortality in an tnternal tagging experiment8/4/2014 9:16 AMHenrik Larsen1975G.H winters
Esterse polymorphism in the capelin mallotus villosus premilinary evidence for geographic variation in allele frequencies at three loci8/4/2014 9:17 AMHenrik Larsen1975R.H. Payne
Report on the international surveys of herring larvae in the north sea and adjacent waters8/4/2014 9:17 AMHenrik Larsen1975T. Pommeranz
A methodological study of catching o-group fisf and small fish in the north sea area by using isaacs.kidd midwater trawl8/26/2014 9:54 AMHenrik Larsen1975Hans Ackefors; Olle Hagstrøm
On the occurence of herring larvae in february 1975 in the kattegat skagerrak and north swa in conjunction with the north sea young herring survey8/4/2014 9:17 AMHenrik Larsen1975Hans Ackefors
Quantitive distribution of herring larvae in the North Sea in 19748/4/2014 9:17 AMHenrik Larsen1975E. Siudsinski
Bottom temperature and salinity in the north sea during the ICES young herring survey in February 19758/4/2014 9:17 AMHenrik Larsen1975Jens Smed
Considerattions a letude d une nouvelle methode de determination de l age des poissons8/4/2014 9:17 AMHenrik Larsen1975M. Manriquez; E. Macpherson
On the accurence of juvenile blue whiting at Iceland8/4/2014 9:17 AMHenrik Larsen1975Sveinn Sveinbjorsson
Conservation of the isle of man herring stock8/26/2014 9:54 AMHenrik Larsen1975A.B. Bowers; A.R. Brand; A C Burd; R J Wood; A Saville
An evaluation of the extent of gillnet dropout in a roe herring fishery in british columbia8/4/2014 9:18 AMHenrik Larsen1975R.D. Humphreys
Parasites as indicators of herring migrations in the north sea and to the north and west of Scotland8/4/2014 9:18 AMHenrik Larsen1975K. Mackenzie
Herring larvae and currents west of the Orkneys8/4/2014 9:18 AMHenrik Larsen1975H.D. Dooley; D.W. Mckay
The distribution and abundance of herring larvae to the west of scotland8/4/2014 9:18 AMHenrik Larsen1975David W. Mckay;
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