Combined action of DDT and DDE on early development of embryos of cod, flounder and plaice8/1/2014 11:25 AMHenrik Larsen1975V. Dethlefsen
Report of the 7th session of the group of experts on the scientific aspects of marine pollution (24-30 april)8/1/2014 11:25 AMHenrik Larsen1975
Mariculture potentiale of siganids - the choice of species.8/1/2014 11:25 AMHenrik Larsen1975H.V. Westernhagen; H. Rosenthal
An improved aeration method combined with waste-foam removal in a sea.water recycling system8/1/2014 11:25 AMHenrik Larsen1975H. Rosenthal; E Sander
Problems in ozone determination in sea-water8/1/2014 11:25 AMHenrik Larsen1975H. Rosenthal; G. Hinz
A new proposed experiment on macrocystis pyrifera on the Brittany coast.8/1/2014 11:25 AMHenrik Larsen1975R Perez
Effets des extrations de sables et graviers marins sur l'environment et la peche. Bilan des etudes effectuees depuis mars 1974 dans le cadre d'une exploitation experimentale.8/26/2014 9:48 AMHenrik Larsen1975G. Bouchot; L. Cabioch; A Caillot; P Chardy; A Cressard; Y Desaynay; F Gentil; G Kuro; A paille; E Gagneraud
Approaches to the control og salmonid diseases in Atlantic canada8/1/2014 11:25 AMHenrik Larsen1975R.M. MacKelvie
Studies on the nutrient requirements of rainbow trout (salmo gairdneri) grown in seawater and freshwater8/1/2014 11:25 AMHenrik Larsen1975S.P. Lall; F.J. Bishop
Some effects of cadmium on the metabolism of developing eggs of pacific herring8/1/2014 11:25 AMHenrik Larsen1975M. Said Mounib; Harald Rosenthal; Joanne S. Eisan
Preliminary results of ICES coordinated monitoring prgramme in the north sea,8/1/2014 11:25 AMHenrik Larsen1975J.E. Portmann; A. Preston
Determination of metal content of sediments in relation to dumping and discharge control.8/1/2014 11:25 AMHenrik Larsen1975E. Andrulewicz; J.E. Portmann
Uptake and loss of dieldrin by marine organisms8/1/2014 11:25 AMHenrik Larsen1975K.W. Wilson; J.E. Thain; Jean Yardley
Disposal of wastes at sea IV. The role of sedimentology in the assessment of effects off the northeast coast of England.8/1/2014 11:25 AMHenrik Larsen1975R.S. Nunny
The biological effects of the titanium dioxide industry in Finland8/1/2014 11:25 AMHenrik Larsen1975Hannu Lehtonen
An intercalibration exercise for analysing dissolved trace metals in sea water by marine laboratories in Belgium, the Netherland and the United Kingdom.8/1/2014 11:26 AMHenrik Larsen1975J. Duinker; I. Elskens; P.G.W.Jones
Third meeting of the IMCO maine environmental protection committee, London 23-27 june 19758/1/2014 11:26 AMHenrik Larsen1975P.C. Wood
Heavy metals in mussels and in seawater from irish coastal waters.8/1/2014 11:25 AMHenrik Larsen1975Michael Crowley; Conor Murphy
Cadmium uptake by marine fish larvae8/1/2014 11:26 AMHenrik Larsen1975H. Rosenthal; V. Dethlefsen; H. von Westernhagen
Working group on pollution baseline and monitoring studies in the Oslo commission and ICNAF areas. 21-22 may8/1/2014 11:26 AMHenrik Larsen1975Dieter Schmidt
The lack of accumulation of DDT residues by benthic invertebrates and demersal fish in St. Margarets Bay Nova Scotia.8/1/2014 11:25 AMHenrik Larsen1975Barry T. Hargrave; Georgina A. Phillips
N-Alkanes in eastern canadian marine waters8/1/2014 11:26 AMHenrik Larsen1975P.D. Keizer; D.C. Gordon jr.; J. Dale
Mercury in the Atlantic near Iceland8/1/2014 11:26 AMHenrik Larsen1975Jon Olafsson
An appraisal of 1973 ICES trace metal intercalibration exercise8/1/2014 11:26 AMHenrik Larsen1975G. Topping
An examination of the heavy metal levels in muscle, kidney and liver of saithe in relation to year class, area of sampling and season8/1/2014 11:26 AMHenrik Larsen1975G. Topping; J.M. Pirie; W.C. Graham; R.J. Shepherd
UK area hydrocarbon baseline survey - Main findings, preliminary conslusions and implications for future survey and monitoring programmes.8/1/2014 11:26 AMHenrik Larsen1975K.J. Whittle; P.R. Mackie; R. Hardy; A.D. McIntyre; R.A.A. Blackman
A new method for the determination of trace metals in seston by flameless atomic absorption spectrometry8/1/2014 11:25 AMHenrik Larsen1975Hans Peter Neigel; Klaus Kremling
Oyster culture with crassostrea gigas relaid in containers in German coastal waters8/1/2014 11:26 AMHenrik Larsen1975R. Meixner
Report on IOC-GIPME III. Paris 28may-4june 19758/1/2014 11:27 AMHenrik Larsen1975
Report on IOC-GIPME III. Paris 28may-4june 19758/1/2014 11:27 AMHenrik Larsen1975
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