Feb 08
ICES advice: how to search for the latest advice and how to find advice in our library

​​​​​ICES evaluates the best available science to provide advice on the most sustainable use and protection of marine ecosystems to governments and international regulatory bodies that manage the North Atlantic Ocean and adjacent seas.

All ICES advice is available to read online and website users can keep up to date with current advice requests and advice release dates for the current year by checking the advice calendar​ (regular users should bookmark this page).

How do I find the latest Advice?

On ICES home page, underneath the photo campaigns, you will see a link Follow our advisory process. Clicking here brings you through to the hub of our advisory pages. You will seeLatest advice at the top of the left hand menu on this page. Click here to find ICES latest advice.

You can also find your way to ICES latest advice from any page on the ICES website in two ways:

  • On the top menu, click on Community and a drop down list appears. The third option here is Advisory process. Follow this link and then choose latest advice from the left hand side menu.
  • Alternatively, scroll down to the grey footer at the bottom. Under Quick links, you will see Latest advice. Click on this link.

If you are a regular visitor to ICES latest advice​, you should bookmark this page, to ensure quicker access in future.

How do I search for ICES advice in the library?

To search for specific advice by species, ecoregion, or year, users should go to ICES library.

 Use the left-hand side refinement panel to find the advice you are looking for:

  • Under publication type choose Advice.
  • Choose a specific year (or All if you want to see multiple years advice)
  • Choose a specific ECO Region (or All if you want to see multiple years advice)
  • Choose a specific Species.

After filtering, the relevant advice you are looking for will be listed in the main panel.


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