Jul 25
In the Same Boat


Terje Haugland, instrument operator

Can you tell me a bit about your role on the boat?

We are two people, I am the instrument operator and my colleague is the instrument chief. I do the 12-6 shifts and he does the 6-12, so are supervising the instruments twenty-four hours. Our main job is to make sure everything is running and to try and solve problems. We communicate with upstairs (the captain's bridge).

On this cruise the main instrument is the echosounder, four different frequencies. We also have the CTD (conductivity, temperature and instrument) monitor and the deck unit, an interface box between the computer and the CTD sensor probe downstairs.

What do you like about life at sea?

We work twelve hours, which gives me extra spare time when I get home. I like to work that way: work a lot when I work and then have the time off. I don't like to be tortured by the alarm bell every morning like other people do. Life at sea can be very monotonous, but this way of working suits me well.

Ocean and marine research is a very interesting field, the fish stock assessments. We have different kinds of cruises but I like to go on fishery cruises. ​


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