Jul 21
In the same boat

​​​​​​​​Inger Marie Beck​, IMR, ​​​whose areas of expertise include diet analysis for demersal fish, benthic habitat and taxonomy, and fish diet.


How're things going on the cruise?
Things are going fine. The catches aren't as big as we're used to, but they're telling us a lot. Earlier we used to trawl for longer, but the design is different. ​Fifteen minutes gives you enough. It gives you the impression that you want and​ enough data to tell you something over one quarter (of the survey, this part being quarter 3).

What's your favourite thing about being at sea?

It's very special to be on the sea because you're like a big family. Everybody's very tightly connected to each other. You're not as distant as you are on land.

What's the biggest challenge about being away on a survey?

Being away from children, many of my colleagues have them, and from family and friends. But we're lucky at the institute if you have small children at home – you can participate in shorter cruises, one week or ten days, for example. It's ok like that. ​Also in summer there can often be fog on the ocean and people are at home having a nice time.


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