Ecosystem overviews

Azores Ecosystem Overview

State of ecosystem components: Seabirds

​​​​​Six Procellariformes and four Charadriiformes breed in the ecoregion. These include: Monteiro's storm-petrel (Hydrobates monteiroi), which breeds endemically and is classified globally as "Vulnerable" (Bolton et al., 2008; IUCN, 2019); over 75% of Cory's shearwater world nesting populations (Calonectris borealis; Bolton, 2001; Equipa Atlas, 2008; BirdLife International, 2019); and about 50% of the European population of the roseate tern (Sterna dougallii; Del Nevo et al., 1993).

​There is some indication that the Cory´s shearwater population has declined between 1996 and 2001, but no census has been conducted since after this period (Bolton, 2001; Equipa Atlas, 2008). The tern populations have been monitored since 1989 and have remained relatively stable, although they show a slightly downward trend (Neves, 2006). The breeding numbers of both species of storm-petrel have increased ~8–12% since 2000, as a result of improved habitat management (Bried et al., 2009a; Bried and Neves, 2015).

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Azores Ecosystem Overview

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