ICES Annual Science Conference 2018

Marine science slam

Captivate the audience with your presentation

Monday, 24 September
Lecture Hall C

​​​​​​The aim of this open session is to explore novel approaches to science communications. Participants are encouraged to give presentations that captivate a diverse audience in order to optimize their research communication.

Scientists are often not trained or willed to present their research in a way that is understandable for a broader audience such as stakeholders or the public. The relevance of good communication has increased substantially in an age of social media, an accelerating news cycle, and increasing distrust in scientific advice. Communicating science in a thorough and convincing, but also inspiring and entertaining manner will be more essential than ever to keep the public, politicians, and stakeholders informed.

Investing time into preparing a presentation is an essential aspect of every scientist's career, and this should be supported and publicly acknowledged. This forum will acknowledge clever, creative, and well-structured presentations as key to good science communication. Following the examples of TED talks, poetry slams, and other unique communication events, we will provide an opportunity to present research in an entertaining way. Presenters will compete for an award, which the audience will decide upon.

Present your ideas

Because communication is the primary focus of this session, creativity and entertainment will be important. However, presentations should be scientific and align with topics relevant to the ICES community. We encourage the use of a variety of approaches, including classic presentation slides as well as creative costumes or equipment.

The session is open to those from all fields related to the ICES strategic themes, independent of scope, scale or impact of research. As well as novel research, we also encourage presentations on important key concepts, perspectives, and syntheses. We specifically welcome presentations on topics that are not already covered by ASC theme sessions as well as adjusted versions of regular theme session talks.

Interested participants should contact the conveners directly with a short description/proposal of their presentation topic.

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Karl-Michael Werner, Thünen Institute, Germany
Fabian Zimmermann, EvoFish, Norway 
Patrick Lynch, NOAA Fisheries, USA
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Marine science slam

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